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Viking Cookware Review

Viking range is a famous cookware manufacturer in the United States. Viking cookware is famous for its stainless steel equipment to be used in commercial kitchens.

Their equipment is highly recommended for serious and professional chefs from all around the world. Pans and pots are very functional and always meet the customers’ expectations. 

Viking cookware is known for high-quality products and convenient features of all the cookware range they manufacture.

For the best cooking experience and great management, Viking introduced a wide range of sets. Some of the most famous are:-

· 5-ply Stainless Steel 

· 3-ply Stainless Steel

· Non-Stick

· Enamel Cast Iron

· 3-ply Copper Clad

Now we will discuss capability, durability, deal-breakers, and notable picks of Viking cookware.

Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set


Broccoli in Stainless Steel Cooking Pot

Most of the items of Viking cookware are coated with 3 aluminum sheets, in between these aluminum sheets there is stainless steel exterior and interior. The aluminum sheets allow the heat to conduct easily and quickly enabling the pan to get heated at a suitable temperature within no time.

The walls of pots and pans are heat-retaining and some sets have angled out cone-shaped sides that support better evaporation.

Glass lids allow the cook/chef to see whether the food is fully cooked or not without any extra effort of picking the lid all the time to check the food. 


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Viking cookware sets are useful for all types of kitchens but are specially designed for chefs. All the handles of pans and pots are strong and made with high-quality material.

All the units are safe to use in the oven up to a specific temperature level.

The material used inside the pans and pots does not react with the food you cook, not only this it also keep the taste/flavor of the meal intact.

You should not get worried about getting scratches inside or outside of the cookware, as it is resistant to any type of pressure. 

The sets can be easily washed in a dishwasher after use. 

Deal Breakers

As per customers’ comments and reviews, some sets are not induction cooktop compatible. Some reported the rusting signs on the enamel-coated sets, some said that handles get a little warm while cooking but it is obvious that handles may get even hotter when cookware is kept in a closed cooktop i.e. oven.

Some users complained that the handles of the frying pans are too long, and meals that are known to stick in the pans must stick in the pan. This might also not attractive for users that the frying pans of some sets of Viking cookware have no lids.

Despite all these deal breakers, Viking cookware is proven for the best cookware for professional and expert chefs.

Notable Picks of Viking Cookware

Those who have used Viking range before, recommend the whole set but also mention some of the unique featured pieces from the sets. The most liked and loved pieces from the Viking range are Frypans, Saucepans, Sauté pans, and a Dutch oven.

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