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Cleaning of Swimming Pools & Top 8 Pool Vacuum Heads in the Market

The famous saying, “The greatest wealth is health” is a true depiction of the importance of health in human life. To maintain a healthy state in our life, we need to adopt all the measures to ensure the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Regular exercise is one of the important measures to maintain our health.


In exercises, swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises as it involves all the body parts while performing. Swimming has many other benefits apart from helping in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In past, water reservoirs like rivers, lakes, and ponds were used for swimming by humans which had their own limitations as weather, temperature, and distance to travel, etc.

To overcome these limitations, now swimming pools are constructed both in-house and on a commercial scale for communities. 

Cleanliness of Swimming Pools

swimming pool cleaning tips

The construction of swimming pools has provided many benefits like temperature control, availability of hot and cold water, safety from water creatures, and many more.

To obtain optimum benefits from the swimming pool, it is necessary to maintain the hygienic condition of the swimming pool regularly as it quickly gets dirty, accumulates water residue, provides a place for the production of fungus, and also provides the best place for the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms that are dangerous for human health. Therefore, cleaning and keeping the pool hygienic/clean is very important.

Tools for Swimming Pool Cleaning

Since the cleanliness of the swimming pool requires more effort as compared to the cleaning of any other place in the house, automatic cleaning systems and manual cleaning tools are used for this purpose.

The drawback of automatic systems is that they are expensive, energy-consuming, and themselves require proper and regular maintenance.

Therefore, manual cleaning of the pool using different tools is being preferred by many people because it is more effective, energy-efficient, and less costly.

Manual Cleaning Tools

For manual cleaning of the pool, special vacuum cleaners are used. They have more power, long sticks/handles, and a special mechanism for cleaning the sidewalls and basement of the pool efficiently even when the water is present in the pool.

Different vacuum cleaners with various functions are available in the market. The vacuum cleaner used for pool cleaning mainly contains different parts like pool vacuum head, pool vacuum stick/pipe, nozzle, main body with an attached motor, and power system.

Pool Vacuum Head and Its Importance

The pool vacuum head is of prime importance as it is the main part of the vacuum cleaner that performs all the cleaning job and collect all the dirt, water residue, dry leaves, fungus, hair, waste, and clean up all the stains at the bottom and the sidewalls.

The brushes installed down the pool vacuum head, the suction hole, the pipe, all play an important role in the cleaning process.

What to Look for While Buying a Pool Vacuum Head?

Along with the appropriate length and width, the weight of the pool vacuum head is to be light as it is to be carried by the pool cleaner.

The pool vacuum head is to be of very high quality in terms of material and the brushes installed on it to properly perform the task with less effort and energy.

One of the important factors is the replacement of vacuum cleaner head and brushes etc. that will ensure durability and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. 

Keeping in view the characteristics and requirements for a good pool vacuum head, we have reviewed several models/types of pool vacuum head.

This research will surely be helpful in your decision to get the best pool vacuum head for pool cleaning to get better hygiene, dirt-free, and fresher pool.

8 Best Pool Vacuum Heads 

best pool vacuum heads

It is very difficult to decide that which product is the perfect fit for your need. We have chosen some of the best pool vacuum heads from different well-known brands, which you will never regret buying and spending your hard-earned money on. We will discuss the features, pros, and cons of each product.

We will discuss top 8 Pool Vacuum Heads with their pros and cons so without a delay let’s dig into it.

1. FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Generous cleaning area measuring 14.4 inches × 10.5 inches × 2.25 inches provides a more efficient cleaning experience. FibroPool professional flexible swimming pool vacuum head is made from flexible and tough thermoplastic.

It can be attached to the hoses with a diameter of 1.5 inches. The head comes with a chrome-plated handle. It is a good product in terms of stability. It comes with 6 built-in weights for stability.

It is very easy to clean your pool surfaces with this vacuum head because it contains eight functional and durable urethane wheels. These robust and sturdy wheels will let you roll and move the head very easily and clean in less time.

The weight of this head is just 4 pounds. It can be easily attached to any standard size vacuum system. You can use it conveniently on every type of surfaces like vinyl, tiles, pebbles, concrete, and plaster.

It efficiently takes away all the dry leaves, debris, hair, and residues. It is worth buying if you want to use it for commercial as well as personal pools.

Reliable product.A little pricey than ordinary vacuum heads.
High-quality material.Parts are not available easily.
8 sturdy wheels.Wheels sometimes scratch the pool surface.
Easy to assemble.

2. Poolmaster 18510 Triangle Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Poolmaster 18510 triangle head is the best choice for you if you have a vinyl lined swimming pool. It will remove all kinds of debris, grass, grime, leaves, dirt, sand, hair, and more. The neck of this vacuum head can be attached to many vacuum hoses easily and effortlessly.

The unit has a decent width of 10 – 3/8 inches, and appropriate for home and commercial use pools. The height is also good and together with a nice opening which sucks in the unwanted stuff.

It is made from sturdy plastic and will handle the wetness, pressure, suction, debris, and other things quite well. It rolls smoothly on the pool surface and also maintains a nice hole to prevent the escape of pressure.

It features an easy to replace perimeter brush made of polypropylene. The material is strong and durable. It is also non-abrasive and non-damaging to the surface of the vinyl liner.

The approximate weight of the vacuum head is 2.84 pounds. Its weighted head can be moved or rolled easily by the waves of water in the pool or movements while cleaning.

Good quality plasticNo wheels at the base
Ideal for vinyl linersDoes not fit in all hoses
Easy to use/handle

3. Hydro Tools by Swimline Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

Cleaning or vacuuming the pool will be less of a struggle. All you need is this pool vacuum head by Swimline. It is adjustable on most of the vacuum systems and works effectively by remaining firm on the pool surface. The unit can handle different types of pressure and this makes it one of the versatile pieces on offer.

It works nicely with vacuum hoses measuring from 1.25 to 1.50 inches in diameter. The half-moon design seems to work quite well in many situations.

It works efficiently on in-ground, above-ground, plaster, concrete, tile, and other types and remains firm during use. It comes with a weighted head.

One feature that makes it top-rated is the adapter that fits in approximately 99% of vacuum poles in the market. It is easily removable just like easily fitting to any vacuum pole.

Its width and height are good enough for daily use. It feels strong yet light at the same time. This ensures that there is a minimal addition of unnecessary weight to the entire system.

Durable/Long-lasting.No wheels at the base.
Excellent suction power.Parts are not available easily.
Easy to attach and remove.

4. Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View Triangular Vinyl Liner Vacuum- Blue

Poolmaster 27514 pool vacuum head is 11 inches wide. It has an ABS plastic handle which is a strong, durable, and reliable plastic, and the handle can be attached and locked with the head to make it stable and spin easily while cleaning.

It comes with replaceable brushes. The polypropylene brushes in the center make cleaning more efficient and easier as compared to the vacuum heads that contain brushes on the edges. It can be used for cleaning home and commercial pools.

It is convenient to attach this vacuum head with any standard pole and vacuum system. Its clear view body allows you to see everything while cleaning to ensure that you have cleared all the waste down in the pool.

The rubber bumpers are protective for your pool surfaces especially vinyl-lined surfaces. It will not at all scrape and scratch the surface. The weight of this item is 2.44 pounds only.

ABS plastic body.Bristles work for one season if not maintained. 
Sturdy.No wheels.
Affordable.Water doesn’t drain completely from the sections.
Easy to assemble.

5. U.S. Pool Supply 14” Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head With Swivel Hose

U.S. pool supply is rated among the best pool vacuum heads available in the market. The company has good choices and this is one of them. One thing we like it for its simple design and basic style. It will fit in the vacuum pool easily. Moreover, it remains firm for maximum suction and also to prevent loss of pressure. 

According to the manufacturer, this piece is fit for hoses measuring 1 – ¼, and 1 – ½ inches. Both sizes fit easily and don’t require any special tools or too much effort.

It will get rid of different kinds of debris from the floor and surface of the pool. It does effective cleaning the surfaces like plaster, concrete, vinyl-lined, in-ground, and also above ground swimming pools.

For easy attaching to poles, you will find an easy clip handle. This vacuum head remains firm to the pool surface and does not move anywhere while using and this is because of the weightiness of the product. 

Suitable for all types of pools.Doesn’t work really well on sucking big leaves.
Easy to attach and use.
Simple design

6. Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head Triangular, Weighted Base, for In-ground & Vinyl Pools

Milliard Sea-thru triangle weighted pool and spa vacuum head is ideal for use in vinyl pools. It is expert in removing any debris and dirt from the pool. The material used is ABS plastic which is durable and long-lasting. It has adjustable air-relief valves too.

Due to its suitable weighted feature, it settles nicely at the bottom of the swimming pool and keeps intact. Its specific cornered shape makes it easier to reach along with all the corners and walls for perfect cleaning and the transparent design lets you see everything inside the vacuum head.

It has seven brushes made up of nylon, at different dimensions at the bottom that clean all the algae, spike, or any dirt effectively from the pool surface.

The rubber bumpers installed in it are protective for the pool surface and the unit. It is easy to attach with the extension poles. You will not require a lot of effort to get this pool vacuum head attached with the vacuum and pack up after use.

Weighted.No wheels at the base.
Low profile design.Attachable with standard extension poles.
Adjustable air relief valves.
Solid plastic

7. NOKMY Deluxe Aluminum Alloy 17.5” Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

This pool vacuum head is a heavy-duty product made up of aluminum alloy. As aluminum alloy is heavier, it makes it sink in the pool easily and keep it stable while cleaning.

The wheels are robust and serviceable to make the vacuum head reach every corner of the pool. This product is highly suitable for all types and designs of swimming pools. Not only swimming pools, but it is also used for cleaning of aquariums.

It can be easily assembled by locking the pole through a locking clip. If attached inappropriately, it will not work properly. The brushes attached to its bottom effectively scratch dirt, fungus, and residue on the base of the pool. It is protective towards all the surfaces.

High-quality material is used in its production to make it sturdy and robust. The weight of this product is 4.09 pounds. You will find no better alternative other than this vacuum head.

Large and wide sized.The connecting neck is made up of plastic. 
Strong and robust.Not suitable for uneven surfaces.
Effective suction capability.

8. Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum Head

This pool vacuum head has made the pool cleaning so convenient. We love the flexibility which makes it using convenient. It is also ideal in different types of pools including above and in the ground. The head measures 14 inches wide and ideal for most applications.

It is easy to spin and efficiently take away all the dirt and debris from the surface of the pool. These include; leaves, grass, paper, dust, grim, and more.

It is a light-weight piece and fits nicely on most devices. It does not rust or corrode and also maintains its good looking nature. The handle is comfortable to hold and does not feel hard on the user’s hand.

It is a suitable piece for concrete, plaster, tile, and other kinds of pool surfaces/finishes. The head will the swimming pool. Thanks to the telescopic handle.

You can easily adjust the height level according to your requirement. The weight of the product is 3.23 pounds.

Solid material.The connecting tube is short.
Durable wheels.Bolts get rusted.
Affordable.Not suitable for vinyl surface pools.
Stainless steel hardware. 
Resists sun exposure.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you must be fully aware of the importance of swimming and how one can keep his/her lifestyle in a healthy state by swimming.

We have also mentioned the importance of cleaning the swimming pools and the tools which are highly useful for the cleaning job.

The manual tools are mostly recommended by the experts that usually clean the pool really well.

The most important accessory of the pool cleaning tools is a pool vacuum head. There are many pool vacuum heads available in the market but we have chosen some of the best-selling and imperishable products available on Amazon to make your selection easier.

Fibropool professional vacuum head, Hydro tools by swimline vacuum head and U.S. pool supply vacuum head are highly recommended due to the admirable features and efficient cleaning job.

The pool vacuum heads by Milliard, Aquatix, Poolmaster, and NOKMY are also considered modest, functional, and manageable for pool cleaning. All the products discussed in the article are considered up to the mark and worth buying.    

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