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Clapham Locksmith London Can Help You With Your Key Spinning in the Lock

Have you found your key spinning in the lock, with no way in? Have you ever been in a hurry to get inside your house only to find your key spinning in the lock? It’s a pretty common issue in the Clapham area, so don’t worry, we have the solution.

Regardless of being locked out of your house or getting locked inside your home, we will be able to help you either way. Give us a call now and let us offer our help with a fast service for the key spinning in lock issue.

24-Hour Services For When You Found Your Key Spinning

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we will offer solutions fast. So, day and night, Clapham Locksmith London is here to assist you fast. We will get there minutes after your call.

If you find yourself locked out, give us a call and we’ll solve your locking problem as soon as possible. With us, you will get the best specialists in no time. We will help you get back on track as soon as possible and we will fix the spinning key issue on the spot. Let us provide you with the best security solutions in the Clapham area.

Anytime you need help call right away and the locksmith will be on the way. Wait about half an hour for a response and our fast locksmith will be at your property in Clapham fully-equipped.

Why is My Key Spinning in the Lock?

The question is always tricky because it depends. Sometimes the key spinning issue might be caused by regular daily activities and mechanisms affected by frequent usage.

Another cause might be something like misaligned doors, using the wrong key and defective lock cylinders. No worries, we will be there to locate the issue and help with a professional solution.

Get the professional assistance you need now. Our locksmiths are prepared to offer basic fixes such as door adjustment, or door lock replacement on the spot. There’s a big chance for this to remedy the problem and let you use the locks as before.

More than that, there are other ways of preventing the key from spinning such as regular maintenance and a good high-quality door locks choice.

About Key Spinning

Anytime you have a security issue and your key is spinning inside your lock, you should be looking for fast professional service around your area. You can be sure this is an easy task for someone who knows this field and is working as a locksmith every day.

Maintaining a proper door lock position is a must when it comes to preventing a lock from becoming faulty. Also, frequent lock checks can help you minimize key spinning and avoid potential lockouts.

So, when your door key spins without opening the lock, it’s recommended to ask for a professional to assist you. Because it can have several causes, only a professional can identify the issue quickly and take action on the spot.

Even if it’s usually due to a problem with the night latch, it also can be a worn-out locking mechanism part. No matter what flaws in the door lock it might have, a professional will handle it quickly.

Key Spinning in Various Locks

Of course, key spinning can occur at any time, no matter what type of lock you have. There is a variety of lock types that can have this problem but we can help with any of them. Using the wrong key in a lock or a badly cut copy can cause a key spinning issue.

More than that, when the key snaps, internal lock parts can get damaged and you might need fast expert assistance at your location.

More than that, some locks have different solutions compared to others. So, don’t forget, that timber doors require a special lock test just to assure appropriate performance of the door lock. Only a specialist will be able to perform this process with no issues.

Also, malfunctioning European locks can cause key spins easily. These locks need close inspection for solutions in case the key is spinning in the lock.

How to Stop a Key From Spinning in a Lock

If you are trying to solve this issue, Clapham Locksmith London will be the one helping you. But you can try to stop this unfortunate event from happening.

For a locksmith, it is now an easy task but, of course, you can try to do your part. It can be difficult to control if a key is broken or the wear and tear on lock parts, but if you are trying to understand what are the causes, you can make it work.

For example, some of the locks that are most likely to be faulty are night latches. In case you are utilising properly matched keys, you might be able to prevent this.

Also, regular maintenance using high-quality materials, and being aware of worn-out parts can help you to avoid some door lock difficulties. So, try and change locks after extensive use.

These are some of the preventative steps that will keep your door locks and security devices in good working order.

Lock Turning But Not Unlocking

When a lock rotates but does not unlock, it can be baffling and annoying. Internal misalignments, broken or worn-out components within the lock mechanism, or an improper key can all cause this problem. Using excessive force or the wrong key to force the lock open might aggravate the problem and potentially cause further damage.

In such cases, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional locksmith. A qualified locksmith can identify the underlying reason for the turning but not unlocking problem, such as a misaligned internal mechanism or a damaged component, and make the necessary adjustments to restore the lock’s correct functionality. This ensures a safe and speedy unlocking process, avoiding the annoyance of a lock that revolves.

So, when the key turns but the lock won’t open or when the key turns but the door won’t lock, reach out to us.

Fix the Key-Spinning Issue of Your Lock

When you are trying to solve a key-spinning issue it doesn’t have to be difficult. Moreover, this should be an easy process, especially for people with some DIY experience.

While expert help is suggested for security reasons, there are measures you may take to fix the problem on your own. You might try lubricating the lock first, to see if there’s any difference.

Also, adjusting the alignment of the door should be another way of trying to fix it. Finally, changing the cylinder might be the best door lock solution for this security issue.

Keeping the Door Lock Lubricated

Locks might become clogged as a result of dust and dirt. Of course, adequate lubrication can frequently provide rapid repair. Try to find solutions such as silicone oil, graphite spray, dry lubricants or WD-40.

These can help the key move more smoothly through the door lock and might unlock the locking mechanism. Dry lubricants, in particular, are a clean, efficient, and low-effort solution. Lubrication, when used correctly, can not only cure immediate difficulties but also extend the lock’s lifespan.

Fixing the Alignment of the Door

Key spinning problems are sometimes caused by door misalignment. Our locksmiths can assist you by adjusting the door alignment and repairing problems caused by mismatched striking plates and hinges. More than that, excessive key spinning can be avoided by keeping locks in good working order and fixing tightening hinges or loosening door knobs.

Changing the Lock Cylinder

It is recommended to get professional assistance for more significant difficulties, such as a faulty lock cylinder. The cylinder is an important component, and if it fails, it might cause difficulty turning the key.

A qualified locksmith can readily replace the lock cylinder, ensuring that your locks perform smoothly and avoiding problems caused by improperly cut keys. You may enjoy excellent performance and security with your newly installed lock cylinder after a lock replacement.

When Should You Hire Our Professionals?

Calling a professional locksmith is the best line of action for quick resolution of key-spinning issues or when dealing with sophisticated lock mechanisms.

Professional locksmiths have the tools and knowledge to work with a wide range of locking systems, including euro lock cylinders, mortice locks, and deadlocks.

Whether your locks require an upgrade or a simple repair, unlock specialists can promptly analyze the problem and recommend the best solution. Replace or repair your lock as soon as possible to ensure the security and operation of your property.

Get Help When You Need to Repair or Replace Your Snapped Keys

If you have a broken door lock or snapped key in your lock, you must seek the services of a locksmith. If you are trying to remove the key without the proper tools may result in further lock damage.

Professional locksmiths are trained to handle such typical problems without jeopardising the lock’s internal mechanisms.

Furthermore, when considering upgrading your lock for improved protection, a skilled locksmith can assist you in picking the best lock for your unique needs.

Upgrading your lock system not only improves security but also increases durability and customizable options, allowing you to adjust your experience to your changing situations or to your own preferences.


To summaries, key spinning is a significant bother for everyone. When you know what caused it, you can take steps to avoid it happening again. When you contact a professional locksmith, you will receive timely service and advice.

At all hours of the day and night, we will give you the experience you require from a specialist as well as pragmatic solutions.

You can escape the headache of missing keys or locks by hiring Clapham Locksmith London. We will supply you with the necessary peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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