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How To Keep Bees Away | 6 Natural Ways to Get Rid

How to keep bees away is the common question to be asked because Bees are the uninvited guest in summer and falls, always present at the evening parties. Whether you are doing barbeque on your lawn or cooking something in the kitchen, they are the first to taste your food, and it is hard to find a way of how to keep the bees away.

We have observed that there is the time of the year where we see bees everywhere, from kitchen slabs to washrooms; they are roaming freely at all places. 

Bees season usually starts in the spring, where they get back from the hibernation period to collect nectar and pollen grains and prepare for the rest of the year. But this is not the case with all the bees; some bees are found throughout the year.

Why There Are More Bees In Falls?

Why There Are More Bees In Falls?

We have noticed the falls are compulsory with the arrival of bees. Either you are at home or on the street, you will see bees everywhere. 

As we have studied pollination in our primary grades, we know that bees pollinate on flowering plants. After hibernating from the winter, many bees come out, and they start preparing for the pollination, nest, and hives for winters. 

As they are larger in number than the available food resources, they start searching for food everywhere. Next time, when you see a bee on your dining table, think for a while that it couldn’t get food from anywhere else.

Bees work together in a colony, and each one of them is assigned a particular task to fulfill the community’s food requirement. Mainly they feed on the nectar and pollen grain, but if they run short of these, they move towards the other food containing the same nutrients.

Forager bees are assigned to collect food for them. So we find more forager bees at the start of fall as they are there to get food supply for the late falls and winter. 

6 Quick Tips To Keep Bees Away From Your Home

6 Quick Tips To Keep Bees Away From Your Home

Once these bees find a way to your home, it would become impossible for you to get rid of them the whole season. So better is to take precautionary steps to stay safe from them.

Here we have some quick tips to keep bees away from your home.

  • Make sure to have screens on your windows and do not leave any small holes for their entrance. Once you welcome them unknowingly, they will become permanent residents.
  • They are usually attracted to sweet scents. Do not make your home appealing to the bees by perfumes and home scents.
  • Bees feed on nectar that contains carbohydrates. So, wherever they find carbohydrates, they get stuck to them. For example, if you leave your soda drink or some sweet dish uncovered, they gather around it and enjoy your food.
  • Mostly they are found in the trash bin where they find more food. So, if you want to keep bees away from your home, do not leave the trash bin uncovered. Proper disposal of trash can also help you out in saving from bees. 
  • Keep your house clean. The cleaner your home is, the fewer chances of being invaded by the bees. So, keep checking on cleanliness.
  • If you are unsure of how to keep bees away, then take professional help. There are a lot of pest control technicians that disinfect the home preventing insects and bees.

6 Comprehensive Guide About How To Keep Bees Away Using Natural Means

6 Comprehensive Guide About How To Keep Bees Away Using Natural Means

Causing harm to the environment to keep yourself safe is not a best practice and not appreciated. We all have experienced at some time in the year the bees all around us. And we get bothered by them at our every gathering.

To keep the bees away, we have many insecticides and chemicals in the market that work well, but they kill the bees.

Apiculture is a growing industry, and killing bees by using chemicals can affect this industry. So, we should find a safe alternative that keeps the bees away from our homes.

Fortunately, we have different natural solutions to keep the bees away from enjoying our outdoor gatherings.

Here we have discussed some of the natural remedies to keep the bees away so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of your guests next time.

1. Peppermint

Bees get offended by the peppermint scents and do not get near the peppermint plants. So, to keep the bees away, it is an ideal practice to have a peppermint plant at different corners of your home. If you could not get the peppermint plant, get the peppermint oil sprayed in your home.

2. Mothballs

Mothballs have unpleasant odors that are effective in keeping the bees away from home. They are deadly to moths but are safe to humans. You can wrap the mothballs in nylon cloth and hang them in different corners of your home. They are also helpful in hanging near the pools.

3. Garlic

Garlic is found to be an ideal bee repellent. Bees get offended by the unpleasing smell of garlic. So, they are best to keep the bees away. 

There are different ways in which you can use garlic as a bee repellent.

  • Spraying garlic powder over the entrance of your home is helpful to keep the bees away.
  • You can also use crushed garlic and place it near the deck and patio doors.
  • Soak the crushed garlic in water, and it works as the best bee repellent.

4. Baby Powder

Organic baby powder is ideal for keeping the bees away. But remember, not all baby powder is helpful to keep the bees away. 

Try sprinkling baby powder near the railings, entrance, and plants. They will help you to keep bees away. 

5. Cucumber Peels

Peel off the cucumber but do not throw away the peel in the trash bin; they help prevent bees from entering your home. Place the cucumber peels on the window sills and even someplace in the garden to keep the bees away. Regularly replace them in a few days to prevent them from molding.

6. Cinnamon 

Cinnamon works wonder to keep bees away. It would be best if you put a little effort in regularly sprinkling cinnamon for a week in the areas where you find bees. It will give long-lasting results.

Final Words

Insecticides cause significant damage to the natural environment that also affects the animal and human population. We have discussed some practical and environment-friendly tips to keep the bees away from your house and help you enjoy the beautiful atmosphere on your lawn.

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