Blocked Drains

Here is Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Blocked Drain For Home

Drains play an essential role in a house, and it serves the passage from where all the toxins of the house get easily flushed out. The moment it starts getting clogged, immediate action needs to be taken. Else, the situation may become worse with time. It is possible to prevent blocked drains by following some amazing tips followed by getting a professional touch to the house. 

All About Blocked Drains 

If the drains of a house start getting clogged, then a time comes when it becomes difficult to lead life normally. Blocked drains can very be disgusting as they result in the release of pungent smell and swarming of bacteria. Continuous swarming of bacteria leads to the spreading of many diseases that may affect the health of family members. 

This is such a nuisance that almost every homeowner will be experiencing at least once in their lifetime. If it is not sorted out early, the final outcome may be unexpected. Now you must be wondering about some signs of a blocked drain. Aren’t you? 

Signs of Blocked Drains- All You Need to Know 

Are you wondering about some vital indications of blocked drains? If yes, then below are some signs that give warning signs regarding taking the best care of your drain: 

  • Releasing a Foul Smell: Continuous release of a foul smell even after regular cleaning is the first indication of a defective drain. It can be experienced in the bathroom and kitchen. 
  • Overflowing of The Drain: You must be accustomed to flowing almost everything down the drain. Spilling back water is an alarming situation. In other words, continuous overflowing of drains indicates blocked drains. 
  • Coming Out of a Gurgling Sound: After pouring of water, if you come across gurgling sounds,the water is getting pooled and pushed against the pipe. It is another sign of a blocked drain. 
  • Slow Draining: When emptying the sink or bathing, if you notice that the water is pooling longer than usual, it is time to take immediate action. The problem worsens rather than gets better, finally indicating blocked drains. 

If you come across any of these signs mentioned above, then it means that your drain is suffering from blockage. 

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What are The Main Causes of Blocked Drains? 

Though you make appropriate use of your drains, there are still chances that there may be some mistakes. Regular use of drains results in the blocking of the drain. Some of the common causes that result in blocked drains include the following: 

  • Disruption by tree roots
  • Blocking by toiletries
  • Flushing of toys or other materials
  • Throwing of cooking oil and food scraps into the sink
  • Lodging of soap inside pipes
  • Accumulation of hair

These are some vital reasons that result in the blocking of drains. 

Getting Rid of Blocked Drains – All You Need to Know 

After coming across some of the vital reasons that result in blocked drains, you must wonder how to repair the problem. Before giving a call to a professional expert, it is advisable to apply some home remedies that include: 

  • Pouring down the mixture of boiling water, vinegar, and soda through the drain
  • The application of caustic cleaners help in the dissolving of fat, oil, and grease
  • Using of plungers and drain snakes for cleaning deposits of hair
  • Using a camera to know where the clog is 

Final Words 

If none of the above-mentioned methods work, do not be late in giving a call to a professional service provider proficient in working on blocked drains.

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