how to get rid of a mattress

How to Get Rid of a Mattress | 4 Awesome Ways

A mattress is a common item that is going nowhere: it stays and changes and stays and changes and the cycle goes on because where to sleep? Of course on a mattress. Shapes, color, designs, and material may vary, but every bed will have a mattress for sure.  

Now if a family is going for a mattress change, the tension arising is how to get rid of a mattress? And this is an important question in our household somehow.

One may shift a mattress when it feels out of order or they are aiming at an upgrade may be due to intentions of weight gain, weight loss, aging, injuries, or mere comfort requirements. 

Experts advise changing your mattress every 7-8 years in a healthy atmosphere. So, if someone is not interested in a new mattress for the sake of a change, they will also eventually have to go for a mattress change one day.

How to Know that Mattress Needs a Change?

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Well, the condition of the mattress speaks for itself.

Necessities that ask for the mattress change are it lumpy situation, withering, waning, hammocking, etc, and/or the noise of springs, or their feel whenever you sit on it. These conditions contribute towards the uneasiness of the user with his/her aching back, pain-in body, and whatnot. Sleep is difficult and comfort is compromised. 

Consequently, the user goes towards a mattress change and a brand new piece embellishes their bed. Now, what to do with your old mattresses, and what are some efficient ways to get rid of mattresses? Let’s discuss. 

Efficient Methods of How to get Rid of a Mattress | Disposal

mattress disposal

1. Throwing Away

Every mattress that is not fitting your need is not for throwing. But if conditions are lumping, sagging, and waning, you cannot make another use of it and throwing is the only option. Help-lines have been set up by concerned authorities to pick up and dump faulty mattresses properly. You can contact them or ask your seller to pick up the old mattress when they deliver you the new one. 

2. Donation

If your older mattress is in good condition and you’re getting your hands on a new one just for the sake of an upgrade or mere change, the best option to get rid of your older mattress is by donating it. This donation can be made to an orphanage, your needy acquaintance, a welfare society, or an old home.

This is the best option that can make use of ANYTHING that is in a better condition but you find it unnecessary at home. Donate it to the needy and seek genuine blessings.

3. Recycling

Well, companies selling mattresses may have recycling plants too. That is why some advertisements ask you to exchange your old mattresses for their new ones because it is the raw material for the thriving recycling industry. With the concept of the green economy, researchers are finding out new methods to decrease the load on landfills and dumping sites. So what was previously thrown is now being used to extract wood, fabric, steel (from springs), foam, cotton, plastic, or any other thing that it is made up of. 

These items can then be used for manufacturing carpet under-lays, bio-fuel, recycled wood products, new felt and insulation, and many other useful entities.

4. Using for Pets

Last but not the least, if your mattresses are no longer in use, and you’re in no mood of throwing them away too, use them to line your pet’s house. Especially in cold weather, it will be of major use and your pet is going to fight severe weather conditions like a boss. And in normal weather conditions too, it will be of comfort for your pet but do take out time for gradual cleaning of the mattress along with the pet-house.

Weird Facts About Mattress 

facts about mattress
  • Persians were the first to use water-beds for royalty to sleep around 3600.
  • A normal mattress hosts around 1-10 million dust-mites.
  • Mattresses increase their weight with time (all thanks to their absorbent quality).
  • The record holder huge mattress was manufactured in the Netherlands that is 86 x 53 feet in dimensions. 
  • Lifting mattresses from the floor and putting them on beds is also considered a revolution: mattress revolution.

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