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Top 5 Lawn Mower Repair Tricks That Will Save Your Money

Looking for Lawn Mower Repair by yourself at home? If yes then you’re at the right place because today we will explain some possible fixes to the lawn mower which definitely help you out. Let’s start with an introduction.

A lawn mower is a machine that uses one or more rotating blades to trim a glass surface to an even height, making it more presentable. The operator of the mower adjusts the height of the cut grass to his desired size. The blades of the mower may be powered by manual force. Wheels connected to the edges spin freely when the mower is pushed forward.

In the modern models, the mower has an internal combustion engine installed as a self-contained power source. 

The self-propelled mower is a walk-behind, meaning it requires a human to walk behind and guide it. There are various types of mowers, and each is designed to suit a particular purpose.

The manual push mowers are meant for small lawns, while the engine-powered mowers are used in large residential properties.

As in any engine-powered machine, the lawn mowers develop mechanical complications from time to time that need to be corrected.

This article will highlight the most common issues and provide essential lawn mower repair tips and tricks.

However, it is always advisable to consult the owner’s manual for your mower before attempting repairs at home.

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Top 5 Lawn Mower Repair Tips

5 lawn mower repair tips

1. Hard to Pull Starter

Sometimes, the starter string gets stuck or is very fixed to pull. This problem may be caused by the flywheel brake pressing against the handle. Always check to ensure that the handle is free from interference by the brakes.

The rope stocking may also be caused by the blade dragging on the ground and attracting clips to be stuck on it. You need to carefully clean the bottom of the blade to remove any dirt.

When doing this, always ensure the mower is placed on a hard surface, the engine switched off, and the spark plug disconnected.

2. Mower Loses Power While in Operation

In most cases, the lawn mower’s engine suddenly stops while it is in operation. Most users tend to act in a rush to secure lawn mower repair services in such scenarios. A dirty filter, in most scenarios, might cause this.

If you are an observant user, you will surely be aware of the filter’s location in your mower.

If not the case, use the user manual to locate the filter, remove and clean it thoroughly. Depending on the amount of dirt on the filter, it may require cleaning or replacing it if it is filthy.

Note that the filter is just a cheap part to replace, and thus it should be replaced regularly.

You also need to clean the blade if the mower has power issues. Strictly adhering to the user manual and manufacturer’s instruction, clean the blades thoroughly. Ensure the engine is turned off and the spark plug is disconnected while cleaning the blade to avoid electrocution.

The spark plug may also cause power loss in a mower. Many people, in most cases, solve the power problem by cleaning or replacing the spark plug.

Depending on the amount of carbon on the plug, it is advisable to clean it if the carbon content is low. If the carbon content is high, you got to replace the plug and fit a new one.

3. Smoking of the Mower

The smoking of the mower alarms the users as they might assume that the mower is blowing up.

This results in an immediate rush to secure professional lawn mower repair services, which may be costly and unnecessary.

The smoking might have been caused by the filling up of the chamber that holds oil. The leaking of the oil chamber might also cause the engine to smoke.

This leaking often occurs when the oil leans to one side of the chamber while mowing on sloppy ground surfaces, and the muffler’s oil leaks.

Always inspect the oil level in the chamber and ensure it is in its required amount. Regularly check for any oil spills and leakages after every use and ensure the cap is tightened enough.

However, ensure the engine is cooled before inspecting the oil chamber to avoid burns. If the problem persists after doing all the necessary checks, there could be a severe engine problem. Get a mower specialist to have a check on the engine and solve the problem.

4. Reduced Performance of the Mower

A damaged or dislocated drive belt makes the lawn mower slow down on its performance. This might cause panic to the operator and push him to secure professional lawn mower repair services.

However, there are a few things to check on the mower before securing expert services that could save you the cost.

In most modern-design mowers, the drive belt is located in the motor casing. However, it would helpful if you referred to the user manual to verify your mower’s drive belt location.

Please turn off the engine and inspect the drive belt to ensure it is not loosely fitted. Reattach if it is loose. If the drive belt is damaged, find a new one and replace the spoilt one.

5. Starting Issues Even After Applying the Lawn Mower Repair Tricks

In some cases, the lawn mower won’t start even after applying all the repair tricks. The issue could be in the gas tank.

The mower won’t start with an empty tank, even when Jesus intervenes. Though most operators are very keen on keeping their tanks full, it is advisable to confirm still.

The tank may be leaking and thus be empty while the operator has it in mind that the tank still got some gas. The remedy for a leaking gas tank is acquiring and fixing a new one.


A lawnmower is a human-made machine, and thus it is common for it to develop some problems while in operation.

The maintenance of the mower might be costly for some people and still be very cheap for others. Mastering the necessary maintenance and repair tricks is essential.

Always ensuring the flywheel brake doesn’t interfere with the starter rope and cleaning the filter is critical.

Furthermore, checking the oil levels and ensuring the gas tank is not empty and leaking is a safe trick to save you costs associated with seeking professional lawnmower repair services. 

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