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Lock Change London: Types of Locks Available With Chelsea Locksmith London

Chelsea Locksmith London offers a variety of lock services at reasonable prices to meet your security needs. Because of their training in a range of locks, our professional locksmiths can help you choose the best lock for your property.

Some of the locks typically used on English doors include deadbolts, anti-bump locks, anti-drill locks, cylinder locks, mortise locks, rim locks, digital locks, night latches, UPVC door locks, window locks, Mul-T-Lock, and high-security locks. Each type of lock offers a different level of security and is suitable for different types of doors and structures.

The primary locks we offer are mentioned here, however, we also offer assistance with other things. Contact our regional team for more information about our


Strong deadbolts provide excellent home security. So, having our locksmiths repair your deadbolts will make your front door unquestionably safer. Deadbolts, in general, are a great addition to your home security since they are tough, of course.

Deadbolts are particularly popular among homeowners because of their outstanding toughness. As a result, whenever you need it, our locksmiths are ready to adjust any deadbolts you’ve installed on your front door. After that, they’ll make sure your door is always firmly shut.

Cylinder Locks & Rim Locks

Cylinder locks are quite popular, versatile, and compatible with all types of doors in London. We offer cylinder lock replacements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your doors are safe and well-protected.

Additionally, our locksmiths have access to a wide variety of cylinders right away. Hence, experienced locksmiths can immediately replace your cylinder locks if you want to ensure that your doors are secure.

Rim locks are quite popular and may be simply replaced or rekeyed by our professional locksmith. Wooden door rim locks are often used and only offer a minimal level of security.

If you feel the need to upgrade a basic cylinder or rim lock to protect your belongings, our locksmiths can assist you in replacing it with one that is more secure. With Chelsea Locksmith London, get immediate access to increased theft protection!

Night Latches

These locks are widely used and essential for a building’s overall level of security. Night latches, sometimes known as rim locks or Yale locks, are therefore commonly used in residential structures.

Of course, anytime you need it, our locksmiths can replace any night latch. We’ll always make sure your doors are securely shut and your night latches are working correctly.

Mortise Locks

Surely, another frequent request would be to replace the current mortice lock. Mortise locks are fairly common for British homes in London. On wooden doors, mortice locks can also offer a high level of security.

Our locksmiths are also adept at changing mortise locks, thus enhancing the security of the doors. With the help of our locksmiths, you may change a lock at any time or enhance your security.


Mul-T-Lock is a well-known lock brand in the security sector and is well-known for its cutting-edge security features. In Mul-T-Locks, high-security cylinders and cutting-edge key control are usual.

Of course, our locksmiths routinely work with Mul-T-Lock locks and have a wealth of knowledge. They could provide improved, round-the-clock protection for your property.

All Types of High-Security Locks

Any lock you’re looking for will have a solution here. If you are concerned about your property and need new, high-security locks installed, we will come and help. We can thus install and fix high-security locks from various brands.

Chelsea Locksmith will respond quickly to any of your specific security needs.

Contact Our locksmiths Now

Don’t hesitate to call Chelsea Locksmith London and speak with our expert team about your lock change London ( needs. We can assist with changing a variety of locks. Our quick locksmiths can provide you with high-quality, approved services and improved security for your peace of mind. As we have locksmiths on call around the clock, contact us whenever you need locks replaced!

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