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Achieve A Classy Bathroom Look With the Following Items

Interior design aesthetics for classy bathrooms are limitless. One of the current favorites is a bathroom that would come out looking stylish and high-toned. With the continued influx and emergence of contemporary aesthetics, we still can get that classy-looking furniture and decorations to put in our homes as we desire.

The Basics Of Classy

Usually, classic and minimalist designs will look classy all the time, this is based on the color palettes and design options that these specific styles represent. Still, do not discount all the other styles when you want to have it classy.

Big bold prints and patterns can indeed work in a classy and sophisticated look, but not everyone is comfortable with such. Especially if this is the first time, the bathroom will be set up as classy in design. Neutrals will be the next best thing that will best blend into the classy look. Typical neutrals are cream, beige, and white.

The trick to having a sophisticated-looking bathroom is to make everything clean, neat, and simple. Ensure that all accessories are flattering to the main fixtures in the bathroom and that the patterns and colors are balanced as well. Never over-accessorize and stick with simple, minimalist-looking items for the classy bathroom.

Getting That Classy Bathroom Look

To achieve that classy feel and look for the bathroom and be able to show it off is simple. First, ensure that the design is set, and then check out below how some ordinary items can add to that elegant look that you are aiming for.

1. Add a Dressing Table

Dressing tables are classy and traditional pieces of furniture. If you have a large bathroom, adding a large dressing table that has an antique look will make your bathroom eye-catching.

To achieve something classy get a dressing table that is made of wood they make perfect traditional accents. Thrift shops and garage sales are the places to go to procure one.

2. Accentuate With Simple Lighting

Luxury or luxurious looking is how a classy bathroom should be. Another way of achieving the look is by putting in light sources like pendant lamps or teardrop lamps of your choice. Both kinds are usually upscale in look and style. Apart from the beauty, it can add a romantic feel with its soft glow which is perfect when you’re in the mood for some quiet “me” time.

3. Switch to Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors are not something that you want to skimp on. They’re what give your bathroom an elegant look and feel, and they should be durable so that they last for many years. You don’t want to install them one year and then find out that they are falling apart the next year.

The best way to get the kind of shower door that will make your bathroom look classy is by getting frameless glass shower doors. These are made from one piece of glass and have no metal frames around them. This makes them look more modern than their framed counterparts.

Frameless glass shower doors also allow for more light to come into the classy bathroom, giving it a brighter appearance than having a large framed door would do. This can help make your small bathroom appear larger than it actually is. With all this extra light, you will feel like your bathroom is much larger than it really is.

4. Discover the Beauty of Free-standing Tub

The classy bathroom also needs a centerpiece as this is the most important part of achieving the look that you want. If aiming for that classy theme and design, then putting in a stylish free-standing tub is the way to go. You can add more by installing a bidet with a porcelain-like color and texture; it would be a great compliment to the free-standing tub.

5. Put Up Some Small Storages

Every classy bathroom needs all the storage it can get. A well-organized bathroom is already achieving that classy look. You can get some small cardboard boxes or maybe wooden boxes and dress them up in classy colors. The most popular color scheme of all is white and black. Here you can put your small bathroom stuff. Or you can get some glass canisters which you can turn into a vase or maybe a toothbrush holder.

6. Bring In Some Plant

The most classy-looking and expensive bathrooms incorporate nature as one of the design elements. With your bathroom makeover, find ways to bring in the outdoors. Plants and any artwork showcasing plants is one way to recreate the outdoors, choose color themes accordingly based on the overall colors that you have chosen. An added factor to this is the Feng Shui benefits too.

7. Choose The Right Tiles

Tile is a must when you are remodeling a bathroom. Expensive and sophisticated-looking bathrooms feature tiled tubs and showers. Tile is an expense needed for the bathroom which in return can be a timeless upgrade. A classy look will need bathroom tiles that will always be stylish so ensure to choose simple designs and neutral colors.

8. Luxurious Wood Accents

Adding natural elements is perfect for having a Zen-like feel in the classy bathroom. Using wood as a decorative piece in the bathroom can provide the space with a relaxed and soothing retreat style. If you place wood as a horizontal wall design, it will be like a high-end sauna that you usually see in exclusive ski lodges. Match the wood accents with neutral paint colors and natural accents to complete a classy look.

9. Get Sophisticated With a Wallpaper Accent

The simple wallpaper makes it big for your bathroom. A bathroom’s style can be customized entirely with just the use of wallpaper. Using wallpaper with crown molding gives you that expensive look. Wallpaper can be put up in a bathroom as long as there is proper ventilation. So for renters or just temporary, wallpaper is a fantastic solution because it’s adhesive and not a paste application.

10. Frosted Windows

You can frost windows without professional help, DIY frost kits are available locally. Not only does your bathroom get that extra private feel, but it also gives you an elegant-looking window. With frosted windows, there will be no need for massive curtains or worry as to what drapes you will be used to compliment your entire bathroom’s aesthetics.

11. Luxurious Curtains

If you do not want to frost your windows, then the curtains for your classy bathroom must always be well-designed. The fabric to maintain the sophisticated and luxury look will be damasks, linen, and silk. So when purchasing or having it, custom made just make sure that the color and pattern follow suit with the whole classy bathroom design.


Simple suggestions and ready items can help you achieve that classy look that you want for a bathroom. Getting that classy theme up is not limited to the things that you use. Colors and textures play a big role in the design aesthetics so make sure that this is well thought of as well.

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