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5 Modernist Kitchen Design Ideas to amp Up Your House

The kitchen can be considered the heart of a house. Whenever a guest comes for dinner at our place, the kitchen becomes the center of attraction. Naturally, the décor of your dining table makes the first impression in such a case. It is crucial to find a good décor for a table in your kitchen.

But to make an integrated, beautiful look, only focusing on the dining table is not enough. You need to focus on the overall look and symmetry of the kitchen space.

Whether you have just moved to a new place or want to record the place, finding creative kitchen decor becomes challenging. 

In kitchen décor planning, looks are not the only integral. The space should be functional as well. This can only happen when you put the décor’s most optimized potential.

Also, make sure to use the space wisely instead of just blocking it. If you are out of ideas to decorate your kitchen, then here are 5 décor dining tables and kitchen décor ideas. Let’s begin!

1.  Opt For Open Shelves

Do you have a lot of jars and boxes to keep in your kitchen? If yes, then open shelves are perfect for you. They provide complete utilization of vertical space. It is ideal for a small home or kitchen space. You can put jars and dishes on the open shelves. Add them just above your décor dining table. It makes it much easier to access them.

Similarly, you can also add vases or small handicrafts in between. This will help in adding extra elements to the kitchen. You can also put books in the middle of open shelves if you are a bibliophile. It will be a great pass time while cooking or some cooking books! 

The famous interior designer Jenny Wolf from New York also agrees that open shelves are an excellent decision to use your space wisely. They are highly functional and make your kitchen architecture look more complex without much effort. However, if your kitchen has high ceilings like 10 feet approx, open cabinets may not be for you. 

2.  Well-Organized Cabinets

You can instantly change your décor dining table with the revolutionary organization. Things kept at their place immediately start looking pretty. Our brain loves symmetry.

That’s why any symmetric arrangement is instantly liked by it. So try incorporating extremely organized cabinets in your décor for your table or kitchen.

Especially, if you have a small kitchen space, the organization also becomes necessary. So incorporate various organizing tools like lids, risers, sorting cups, etc. So get the maximum potential use of your kitchen space. 

3.  Smooth Dish System

Sometimes due to lack of space people can’t keep dishwashers. If you are also one of them or have said goodbye to your dishwasher due to any reason, then build a smooth dish system. The kitchen sink should be clean and arranged.

The area surrounding it also needs to be well managed. You can incorporate compact dish racks. You can also try hanging dish keepers. They are fun and also help in utilizing maximum space. 

4.  Add Fun With Your Glassware

Why put extra effort when you can decorate with your glassware? It is a fun, creative as well as very functional idea. Say goodbye to large serving bowls and utensils. Instead, choose glassware with fun colors and shapes in your décor for the table and kitchen. Try an artistic pitcher or inclined jugs.

They look modern and stylish while also delivering practical use in day-to-day life. You can also try filling water and keeping stones or water balls in them.

Finally, try keeping some fairy lights in your glass mugs. They look pretty, and you can also use them whenever you want. 

5.  Experiment With Wallpapers

If you don’t want to use any space in décor for a table or kitchen, try different wallpapers. It is also a great way of personalizing your kitchen space. It is also cost-friendly and highly functional for small kitchens. You don’t need to dedicate a space just for a décor dining table.

You can try textured wallpapers or unique pattern wallpapers, which help express your style. You can keep it neutral and simple to make your kitchen look more prominent.

You can try bold colors and patterns to add some fun, or you can try to recreate a whole scenario and view through it. The choice is yours!


The 5 décor ideas mentioned above ideas for your kitchen combine looks and functionality. They are also straightforward to execute and don’t strain your pockets.

You can start by adding open shelves. Then, try the super organized kitchen trend with different interesting organizing tools.

You can also experiment with wallpapers and their textures to make your kitchen more vibrant. Finally, adding glassware and a streamlined dish system makes your kitchen space look more attractive.

All these décors for a table in your kitchen can instantly do wonders.

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