Smart Bathrooms

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Bathrooms

With the rise of technology and its advancement, the world has introduced more efficient gadgets and machines to make your day-to-day lifestyle far more manageable. Extra strenuous work for small tasks is no longer required.

After all, society has advanced beyond the need to work more than you gain, and nearly everything around us has smart solutions to help make the task easier. 

In recent years, innovative home advancement has experienced a massive boom. Items that seem like a luxury can now be found in every homeowner’s kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom

One of these examples is the implementation of smart bathrooms in homes. Smart bathrooms are connected to devices like smartphones for better control and customization.

Designers of smart bathrooms have introduced features such as temperature control, security, and convenience for their users.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about smart bathrooms and their prevalent and efficient features available. 

Smart Toilets

Surveys have shown that smart toilets are the most desirable smart home feature requested to be installed into new or renovated bathrooms, followed by a toilet hand dryer.

Smart toilets have features like touch-screen automatic lids for minimum germs interactions, night lights, seat warmers, and music players, appealing to everyone’s personal preferences.

Smart toilets are also more compact and hygienic, and most tend to be self-cleaning to help save you time. 

These new toilets may be costly, but they are very much investment since they can save on repair costs by minimizing the risk of overflowing water. This will help you to save your water in the long run by only using as much as is needed. 

Privacy Glass

A privacy glass feature allows you to adjust the opacity of your bathroom windows. You can set it to be entirely transparent to allow natural light or make it opaque enough to attain privacy and block outside vision. These features are all adjustable through your smartphone or voice control assistant. 

Adjustable privacy glasses are versatile, sleek, and efficient and are a more hygienic alternative to shower curtains, making them the perfect option for a contemporary home.

Best of all, you can control all these design features with a push of a button, making it low maintenance and easy to use.

Smart Showers

An intelligent shower is a perfect gadget if you want to set the water temperature, duration, pressure flow rate, and many more features. This will allow you to save much more energy than traditional showers, letting you more accurately control your water usage and the most suitable temperature.

The thermostat in smart showers enables you to have a consistent temperature to prevent having to deal with sudden changes in water from being too cold or too hot.

You can even set limits to ensure that neither you nor your children get burned. Additionally, smart showers save 50% more water than a standard bath. 

Floor Heating System

Getting out of a warm shower onto the cold floor can end up being a bit of a shock to your feet or body. This is why a floor heating system or radiant floor heating is a great solution to help warm up your floor.

It can also keep you warm in times like winter. You can have better contact with heat through flooring than a radiator, and you can also have better control over its temperature. It is also more energy efficient.

Smart Faucets

With smart faucets, you can now minimize the amount of water wastage when you forget to turn off a faucet or accidentally allow too much water flow.

These faucets also come equipped with a temperature gauge that helps you to adjust, preheat or cool your water.

The efficiency sensors allow for a touch-screen hand washing system, meaning as well as not having to worry about wasting water, you also no longer have to worry about germs or bacteria.

In addition to all the smart bathroom gadgets being cost-efficient, they have also proved environmentally friendly and time-saving.

You can go for a modernist-style bathroom while simultaneously saving the planet. Smart toilets, showers, and faucets allow a temperature change and the ability to save maximum water.

Your adjustable privacy glass will eliminate the need to use a shower curtain and let you adjust the opacity to your liking. 

The floor heating system will keep you warm throughout winter and after a shower when you feel cold. Smart bathroom facilities are the new advanced alternative to standard bathrooms that will never disappoint you.

We hope this article proved insightful and enabled you to understand smart bathrooms. Thank you for reading!

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