How to Clean Vicks Humidifier

How to Clean Vicks Humidifier

Vicks Humidifier is an appliance you can add to your household for the health of you and your family. It comes in handy when you catch flu, cold, or any other sinus issue. It is used as a remedy for chapped and dry lips.

Health issues like these are common in winter one can recover their health with good care. In this regard, Vick Humidifier plays an essential role.

The more frequently you use Vicks Humidifier, the more care it requires to last longer. Cleaning is required not only for the durability of the humidifier but also for maintaining a healthy living environment.

Even to make it work smoothly, you need to clean it regularly after use. The humidifier contains several parts. Each needs to be cleaned separately.

Now that you have realized the importance of keeping Vicks Humidifier clean. The next step is how to do this. It is an electrical appliance; you can’t just go ahead and clean it like you do chores. You need to follow proper steps and need certain things. That is exactly what we are about to share.

Things Required For Cleaning Vicks Humidifier

The supplies that you would require to clean Vicks Humidifier are as follows.

Clean Water

Water is the essential thing you are going to need for cleaning the humidifier. It is advised not to use the stored water. Prefer freshwater running from a tap. It is better to use filtered or boiled water because that helps in cleaning the mineral deposits.

White Distilled Vinegar

Vinegar has antiseptic properties, which makes it a perfect cleaning agent. You don’t need to be picky about what brand you are using because any white distilled vinegar would work.


Bleach is yet another cleaning agent that you are going to require for cleaning Vicks Humidifier. It acts on stubborn germs and bacteria.

Rubber Gloves

Since you are going to use bleach and vinegar, you would require protective rubber gloves. Don’t use any gloves but the ones that are of good quality. You might already have them at your home because they are super useful when cleaning.

Clean and Soft Cloth

Using clean and soft cloth is essential because if you use some other, it can affect the quality of Vicks Humidifier.

All these things are easily available in the market. So, you don’t need to worry about finding them.

Step to Clean Vicks Humidifier

Before we begin the steps, it is important to note that different types of humidifiers need different types of procedures for cleaning. Our guide is specific only to Vicks Humidifier. If you have any other model of a Humidifier, you can use the manual to learn about its cleaning.

Let’s begin the guide:

  • Step 1: Switch off and remove the humidifier from the main power button. Make sure that you have emptied the tank from the water that was present in it. After that, let it cool for a while.
  • Step 2: Add a gallon of freshwater with one teaspoon of bleach. Shake the tank for a while and rest it to soak for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Step 3: Take the cup out of the cooling chamber. After that, top lift the chamber from the base. Now, you will be required to remove the water tray and rinse it.
  • Step 4: Use the white distilled vinegar to soak the heating chamber and tray. You will be required to let them soak for about twenty minutes. During this time, vinegar makes sure that all the mineral deposits are removed. If any strain is left behind, you can use a soft brush to clean that off.
  • Step 5: After twenty minutes remove all the vinegar from the tray and chamber. Use a soft and clean cloth and rub it thoroughly.
  • Step 6: Remove the bleach from the tank and rinse to make sure all the traces of disinfected are removed. Use a clean cloth to dry all the parts of the Vicks Humidifier.
  • Step 7: Soak the lint-free cloth into the bleach and lightly rub it around the parts of Vicks Humidifier. For the outer surface of the humidifier, you can use any dishwashing product but use a soft cloth to apply and remove that.
  • Step 8: Let it dry for a while and then assemble all the parts for future use.

These simple and easy steps are all it takes to clean the Vicks Humidifier. Use this procedure once a week for better results and better health.

Cleaning the Vick Humidifier Filter

Most of the humidifiers come with reusable filters. The rest of the humidifiers come with disposable paper filters that cannot be reused. However, the reusable filters need cleaning just the way humidifiers do.

You can opt for basic water cleaning if the filter does not look that bad. In that case, you just need to rinse the filter with an excessive flow of water. This way, impurities, and dust will be removed. However, if the filter looks too bad, you will have to go with the vinegar soaking. In that case, you will have to leave the filter soaked in vinegar for about an hour. After that, wash it with clean water and let it dry. You can also use the bleach soaking method if you think the condition of the filter is even worse. 

Avoid machines such as a dryer to dry the filter. That can cause damage to the filter and unfortunately, you would have to buy the new one.

Final Thought About Cleaning Vicks Humidifier

Vicks Humidifier requires cleaning just like your garden needs care and attention to give to a better experience. However, the cleaning of an electrical appliance like a humidifier is not like dealing with something ordinary.

A single wrong step can result in the dysfunctionality of the humidifier that will cause you nothing but loss. We provided you with the guide and information to do the job of cleaning Vicks Humidifier righteously. If it still didn’t work you check out the price of the brand new Vicks Humidifier.

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