Sheesham Wood an Ultimate Guide

Sheesham Wood an Ultimate Guide

If you are planning to invest in new furniture, then you need to consider a lot of things. The foremost thing in this regard is the type of wood you want your carpenter to use. Well, we would like to introduce you to one of the finest kinds of wood; Sheesham Wood. Invest your money in Sheesham wood for the furniture that lasts longer than any other.

Sheesham wood is obtained from the three that have numerous names, like Dalbergia Sissoo tree, Indian rosewood tree, Penny leaf tree, and many others. It is a unique type of wood that grows only in the Indian subcontinent. It is popular because of its durability, good looks, and versatility. People who run a wood business usually opt for Sheesham Wood because it has numerous advantages.

Another astonishing fact about Sheesham wood is that it is classified as hardwood, the wood that comes from dicot trees. The woods of this kind take more time to grow when compared to others. That is why these are larger and stronger than softwood trees. All these factors add even more properties to Sheesham wood, like resistance to fire, longer life, and much more.

Key Features of Sheesham Wood

With the above information, you would have developed an idea about Sheesham woods. However, to give your further insight we have listed the key features of Sheesham Wood.

  • Workability

Sheesham wood is easy to work with. That is because it can go well with all kinds of machinery and finishing glues. The Janka hardness rating of such a kind of wood is about 1,660 lbs. That is why it is preferred mostly for creating furniture, especially beds. You can shape it into the design as per your liking.

  • Sustainability

When talking about sustainability Sheesham wood comes top on the list. The trees of these woods never fall even in poor soil, extreme cold, severe droughts, and high rains. All these factors make any kind of land and weather suitable for its growth.

You would be glad to learn that Sheesham wood is the second hardest wood in the world. That means you would not have to spend money on the maintenance of your furniture for years.

  • Appearance

The appearance of the wood counts the most because it enhances the overall aesthetics of your house, office, restaurant, or any other workplace. Sheesham wood comes in colors varying from golden to deep reddish-brown. The interlocked grains make it more durable and attractive.

  • Durability

We have already discussed that Sheesham wood is tough and has a hard texture. Due to these properties, it does not wrap or slip, which makes the perfect material for cupboards and cabinets. Moreover, Sheesham wood has a natural resistance to decay. But to prevent the attack of beetles, you would be required to ensure the regular use of insecticides.

The above-listed features make Sheesham wood stand out in the crowd of many other kinds of woods.

To-Dos for Sheesham Wood Furniture

No matter how featured Sheesham wood is, you need to take care of your furniture to make it last longer. A little extra care can make your furniture look good and new. You need to follow the following tips.

  • Do regular dusting of your furniture so that dust doesn’t stick. If that happens you would have to use water to remove it and that can cause your furniture to lose its quality.
  • Never expose Sheesham wood furniture to extreme temperatures.
  • Polish your furniture two or three times a year so that its look remains aesthetic.
  • Don’t place your furniture under direct sunlight or close to the fireplace. If you do so, the paint or polish will start decaying. 
  • Cover Sheesham wood furniture with a soft covering before placing a sharp object or ornament on it.

By following the above-listed tips, you wouldn’t have to spend your money on maintenance or even buying new furniture. 

Pros and Cons of Sheesham Wood

When choosing something to invest your money in, it is always the best practice to have every tiny bit of knowledge about it. That is why we have composed the pros and cons of Sheesham wood.

Pros of Sheesham Wood

  • Sheesham wood is highly durable and has great resistance to dry-wood termites.
  • Paint or polish adheres well to enhance the looks of Sheesham wood.
  • It is used in making musical instruments, sporting goods, ornamental turnery, and even as charcoal for heating and cooking food.
  • Sheesham wood can be carved easily even though it is hard.
  • The grain structure in such woods gives good color variations when you apply paint.
  • You would hardly require any maintenance if your furniture is made of this wood.
  • The root wood of Sheesham is mostly used in creating tobacco pipes. 

Cons of Sheesham Wood

  • The tree of Sheesham wood doesn’t grow straight, so it becomes very difficult to find a straight piece of wood.
  • Sheesham wood is not resistant to water, which although adds to its flexibility, makes it vulnerable to beetles and pests. 
  • This tree species could lead to extinction, considering the rising use of Sheesham wood.
  • The toxic allergens in this wood cause skin allergies

Sheesham Wood Compared to Mango Wood 

Mango and Sheesham wood are the most popular types of wood used for various purposes. So, when it comes to choosing the one out of these two, which one would you prefer? Well, there are a number of facts that you need to know to make your choice.

Sheesham wood is found mostly in India and some parts of Pakistan and Nepal. Mango wood is prevalent all-over South Asia. Both types of wood grow at a maximum height of about 30 meters. The excellent strength of Sheesham wood makes it the best choice for furniture. Likewise, the wood of the Mango tree is strong and is resistant to water, which makes it perfect for creating dining tables.

 Most importantly, mango trees grow fruit which is why people usually don’t cut and use them. This very reason makes it a costly wood. However, mango wood is softer than making it easy to carve, cut, and shape. So, our vote goes with Mango wood, but the reason that Sheesham Wood is cheaper is that it has wide usage.

Final Thoughts About Sheesham Wood

We have had a detailed discussion about Sheesham wood. There are quite a lot of reasons that stand in support of these woods. Therefore, if you are planning to invest your money, don’t hesitate in going for Sheesham Wood. It can be piled into any kind of finish, so you don’t have to worry about your individual purpose and need.

All the features, qualities, and perks of Sheesham wood make it a popular choice all around the world. The owners of furniture or carpeting businesses look no further than Sheesham wood. It is preferred in creating beds specifically, because of its hard and durable nature. You can customize the design as per the standards of current fashion and design.

Adding Sheesham wood furniture to your home, workplace, or restaurant would prove a rightful decision because it seamlessly integrates with any kind of decor style.

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