Hardwood Floor Cleaners

3 Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Are you searching for a hardwood floor cleaner? Do you want to maintain the shine of your hardwood floor? Then you are on the right page. 

In this article, I will tell you the easy and quick ways for cleaning hardwood floors.

Everyone loves his hardwood floor and takes care of it. But only some people know what to do or what not to do. 

Sometimes we use some products which are not suitable for the hardwood floor and make it dull day by day. 

The reason is you follow some tips without doing any research. Do not worry here. You will get authentic and reliable cleaning methods that keep your floor shine and quality as good as you want.

Types of Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors have many finishing types, so before trying anything. I recommend you first check what kind of finishing hardwood you have.

  • Your finishing could be polyurethane
  • It could be waxy and oil mix finishing, which repels water called soft oiled wax.
  • The third one is unfinished wood which is not good with water. It gets damaged if you drop water on it.

Everyone has a different hardwood floor, different manufacturer colors, widths, sizes, and coding. There are so many kinds of hardwood floors. In which laminate, unfinished, engineer, or reclaimed hardwood are common. So, there is no one right solution, but I will give you some general advice. Let us get started.

First, you should always check in your manufacturer instruction or installer instruction if you just installed your hardwood floor to avoid any risk. But if your hardwood floor is not new, then go for some specific product.

How to Find a Specific Hardwood Floor Cleaner Product?

There are many wood cleaners in the market. But go for the one which is safe for kids and pets. Do not buy harsh chemical-containing products like vinyl or tile cleaners. It will damage your floor and take away the shining. Always inspect your cleaner on a small specific wood area to find out its quality and ability of cleaning. 

 I generally recommend the natural homemade cleaner. 

1.  Cheapest Homemade Natural Cleaner For Hardwood Floor

You are thinking, what does a natural cleaner mean? Right, a natural cleaner means a homemade cleaner in your budget.

For a natural cleaner, you require a bucket of lukewarm water, ½ cap vinegar, 1 cap dishwasher mixed, and mop it on your wood floor. Avoid using a spring mop. It leaves excess water. Use a small quantity of vinegar as it is acidic and can dull your wood floor shine.

2. Use a Broom to Cleaning Dirt and Dust

 “OLD is GOLD. Broom is the best way of cleaning dust. Dust particles make scratches on your wood floor. So, it is very important to remove dirt from most traffic areas. Using a broom is a quick and easy way. A microfiber broom is also available in the market called a dust mop. The broom works great in picking up all dust particles and hairs.

3.  Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is an easy way of cleaning for the lazy one. It sucks up dust and dirt. But for hardwood, only go for the upright lightweight wheel vacuum cleaner. It will prevent scratches from wood. A vacuum cleaner with an adjustable or removable beater bar option is also a better choice to avoid damaging your hard flooring.

Tips for Maintaining a Hardwood Floor

  •  Place a door mate at the entrance.
  • Sweep your wood floor daily to clean dust and dirt particles.
  • Clean weekly by using the above homemade natural cleaner or any Harwood cleaner product. That suit your flooring
  • Place an anti-scratch felt pad under furniture.
  • Never drag any heavy stuff on the wood floor.
  • Avoid water accidents or moping with lots of water as water goes in deep scratches and damages your wood flooring.
  • Always go for the dispensable mop. Avoid using spring mop. It spills water on the floor.
  • Never use highly concentrated chemical products; they steal the shine of your hardwood floor.


Your hardwood floor makes your home beautiful and attractive. Hardwood is a long-term investment for your house. 

But to keep its look and shine new you should do cleaning smartly by using above mentioned knowledge and techniques. It will keep you happy and make your hardwood floor cleaning easy and effective. Have good flooring.

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