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The Basics of Nail Making Machine | Its Functions and Types

Steel nails, iron nails, and cut nails are frequently used in daily businesses. In addition, nails play an important part in household chores as they fasten things accurately and firmly. 

We know that you are curious, and that is why you clicked on this article because you want to know beyond the minimal knowledge of nails. 

Therefore, today’s article will be a great source of information for individuals who wish to learn about nail-making machines and what types of nails they produce.

Usually, two types of nails are used in abundance: steel wire nails and iron wire nails. The lengths and shapes of the nails depend upon the specifications of the nail-making machines. 

For instance, a steel nail-making machine could produce steel nails from ½ inches to 8 inches. However, the machines with the latest technology can produce nails up to 12 inches. Therefore, the time has come to begin the article formally by reading each heading carefully.

Nail Making Machine

A nail manufacturing machine is a machine that manufactures nails in their raw form. In addition, it manufactures specific numbers of nails at a particular time.

Nail-making machines are also of different kinds. Some of them are fully automatic, while the others are partially automatic. 

Nevertheless, with the ever-growing technology, the trend of planting fully automatic nail-making machines is dominating

Due to this automation, China is one of the biggest exporters of the nail industry, and China-made nail-making machines are considered the most valuable.

How Does a Nail Making Machine Work?

There are some stages after which we get new and polished nails.

  1. Drawing/Raw Material

Firstly, a new wire coil is inserted into the nail-making machine to make the basic shapes of the nails. The formation, length, and thickness of a nail depend upon the quality and diameter of the wire. Therefore, for steel nails, steel wire coils are used. Similarly, for iron nails, iron wire coils are utilized.

  1. Molding

The next step that the nail manufacturing machine makes is molding. In molding, the machine precisely makes the nails’ tip and cap/head. Till the procedure of molding, half-finished nails are further processed for punching, polishing, and packaging.

  1. Polishing

The third and the most interesting for a nail-making business owner is the process of polishing. As the name suggests, the partially-finished nails are collected in a polishing drum. Sawdust is used as the primary coating component, and nails are mixed thoroughly. This method is responsible for providing a bright look to the nails.

  1. Packaging

Now, here comes the final step, known as packaging. Thus, after polishing, nails are ready to be packaged and delivered. Again, it is essential to understand that packaging should be performed under the same roof where nails are produced.

Important Note

For a nail-making business owner or those interested in doing this business, one thing is vital to know that only those plastic bags should be produced that are friendly to the environment. 

Moreover, excellent packaging is another minimal but influencing factor that could attract clients.

Types of Nail Manufacturing Machines

As told earlier in the article, nail-making machines are different types. However, among many, we have filtered some good machines of great significance in the market.

  • Coil Nail Manufacturing Machine

If a nail-making machine is used the most common, then it is a coil nail machine. Often called a coil nail collator, this machine produces nail coils used in the nail guns in abundance.

  • Automatic Nail Machine

If you want proficiency in a nail machine with maximum benefits, then an automatic nail machine is the solution. It is the most modern type among all of the nail machines. Though it is relatively expensive than its competitors, it is also productive.

Nail Manufacturing Machine FAQs

Q: Which Nail Making Machine is Helpful in Terms of Business?

Almost every nail making machine has its importance as it depends upon the types of nails it is producing. However, the most productive machine is the fully automatic nail-making machine with the latest trends.

Q: What is the Difference Between Steel Nails and Iron Nails?

Steel nails are drawn from the steel wire coils, while iron nails are made from the iron wire coils. Steel nails are primarily used for construction purposes. On the other hand, iron nails are used in wooden things such as furniture.

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