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An Informative Guide For Buying Toilet Paper

Needless to say, one of the daily essentials which we often tend to overlook is tissue paper and toilet paper. Toilet papers have evolved as an essential product for everyday use.

From houses to restaurants, cars, and the kitchen, the benefits of toilet paper can be widely noticed.

The necessity of toilet paper as a household product has increased so significantly that people have started ordering bulk toilet paper from their retailers lately.

Toilet papers are much more than just sheets of paper. Its immense usage has turned it into a thriving industry.

Several industries have been blooming, creating various toilet papers of different hues, textures, sizes, and costs.

This article has made a comprehensive guide for choosing the right kind of toilet paper according to your needs.

Here are some significant attributes that you can consider before purchasing toilet paper. 

An Informative Guide For Buying Toilet Paper

Since their inception, toilet papers were produced as simple sheets of paper. But with time, toilet paper has evolved and is now available in diversity.

There are a ton of choices of toilet paper available in the market. But getting your hands on the right one of excellent quality can be a tough job.

A fine quality of toilet paper has to be soft, absorbent, easily disposable, and resistant as well as suit your budget. The sheets should be long and offer much strength.

You can even switch to eco-friendly and biodegradable toilet paper that is more sustainable and poses no threat to our mother Earth.

So, before heading to the stores, make sure you have made an informed decision about your bathroom essential. 

As mentioned above, toilet papers come in various sizes, colors, textures, and costs. So, let us now check out the different types of toilet papers available in the market currently.

1-Ply Toilet Paper- Just as the name suggests, this toilet paper comes in one layer and is less expensive than the other types.

2-Ply Toilet Paper- This kind of toilet paper comes in 2 layers, as the name goes. They are considered more durable and thicker than 1-Ply toilet paper.

3-Ply Toilet Paper- 3-Ply toilet paper is available in 3 layers, making them much thicker and durable. Although their cost is much higher than the other two, they are softer and more absorbent than the former. 

4-Luxury Toilet Paper- We can simply make out by its name that luxury toilet paper is a level up than ordinary ones. They are generally scented, lotioned, or quilted, very soft, and have numerous layers. 

5-Bamboo Toilet Paper- If you prefer switching to eco-friendly bathroom products, consider bamboo toilet paper. They are soft and silky and absorb more water when taking into consideration their weight. 

6-Recycled Toilet Paper- Again, if you do not want to cause any danger to our natural surroundings, recycled toilet paper is what you are looking for. They are sustainable and helps you save trees and preserve energy.

7-Colored Toilet Paper- When white sheets of paper became boring for the mass, colored toilet paper came into the picture. They can be found in soft hues ranging from pink to peach to lavender.

8-Brown or Unbleached Toilet Paper- This type contains very little quantity of bleach in them, making them the most environmentally friendly, and for this reason, they are brown.

9-Marine Toilet Paper- Marine or camping toilet paper is mainly designed for camping and is less likely to clog.

While choosing the right kind of toilet paper, here are a few factors that you may consider.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Toilet Paper

  • Durability

A toilet paper tearing away while using it is just not what we want. So make sure that your toilet paper offers strength and durability. Also, see that it absorbs the water because nobody wants the water running off the toilet paper.

  • Softness

Keeping the comfort level must be the top priority. Your toilet paper needs to be soft and smooth not to cause any damage to your skin. A rough surface tends to irritate sensitive skin. So choose a brand that offers a type that has a solid but soft texture.

  • Amount

Since toilet paper is used regularly, it is a smart move to order bulk toilet paper to reduce costs. Also, consider the various kinds of toilet paper available to compare the size and price. See which brand is offering a more significant role at a lower cost with higher durability. If you purchase more giant rolls, you will have to run to the stores less often. Check the ply amount. The more layers you get, the more challenging your paper is. 

  • Price

And, of course, money matters! At the departmental store, you will be overwhelmed to see the variety of toilet paper. But, the prices differ according to the quality. You may find brands offering great discounts or, you may be lucky enough to get bulk toilet paper at a lower cost. But they may not be up to the job. So, invest a little more in this essential product because, of course, quality matters more than quantity.


We don’t think much before choosing the toilet paper. It is a task that we often take for granted.

We grab whatever comes our way and offer cheaper rates. But, do not forget having quality toilet paper in your possession is also a very healthy investment, and prioritize your comfort because you deserve it!

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