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Stealthy Ideas to Fake Tight Space Entry

Despite your home’s diminutive size, it is packed with charm. To make your home more spacious and comfortable, you must get the most out of every inch of the property. If you have a small home, how will you make it feel and look more massive?

Fortunately, professional interior designers shared their secrets to making a simple and inexpensive home. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and want to provide space and comfort in your home, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will find the cheapest and easiest way to achieve that ample and cozy look. These tips can surprise you, so keep reading!

Side Curtains on Walls

One technique for using curtains to make the room appear larger is to use them to cover the entire wall from side to side. Do not let the curtains flush with the window. But if there is only one wall next to the window, cover it with fabric.

But not all homes are the same. So, it would be great to have custom curtains for your walls. This helps you to choose the ideal curtains for your room. Beyond that, curtains can give your home a more customized look. 

Soft Colors Will Never Fail You

It is an open secret that most of us like neutral shades. But the use of curtains in white, neutral tones, or soft earth is a technique to enlarge the room. It creates an illusion of bigger space because it does not saturate and fill everything with light. Custom curtains in these shades, even with small distinct patterns, will also do the same effect as the neutral plain ones. So, do not be scared to be artistic in planning your homes.

Curtains Installed on Ceilings

Curtains installed on your ceilings are another way to expand the room. Long drop custom curtains will give a higher ceiling appearance and make the room look bigger. In addition, this will visually expand the ceiling and floor. You can leave the beginning of the curtain fabric in the room or hide it in the double ceiling.

Let the Rest of the Curtains Rest on the Floor

It goes tricky when you failed to get the proper measurements in your custom curtains. Another trick to widen and maximize your home space is letting the extra fabric sit on your wall – excess is not a problem. Minor details do count in making the trick more effective. It will make the ceiling look more soaring and higher.

Simple Styled Curtains, Style with Texture

Being majestic is not always the big deal. Think about how you will use the curtains. If you want your home to look ampler, inviting natural light inside makes it look wider. 

The best way to get natural light is to have simply styled custom curtains hanged on your walls. If you want to achieve privacy and block the view from the inside, it would be better to use lighter fabrics, like linen. 

Another tip is, it does not have to be always in white. Try to experiment with custom curtains. Even basic-patterned curtains will still make a lot of a difference in making the room wider and achieve a better ambiance. 

Hang It Properly to Gain Space

There will always be an ideal way to do things, like hanging the curtains. To ideally gain that space, use installed rails in your walls. This will make a wider illusion or make the rails look invisible than using bars. It is also better to install railings higher than the window to give an illusion of a wider window than the usual space. 


The room is not very spacious. But with a few tips, you can make it look bigger by trying new things and getting creative. There are some cheap decorating techniques that can make a room look completely different. 

We hope the tips and tricks mentioned above will come in handy when buying curtains for your small home. We encourage you to use them and see how your room has doubled. 

Try not to lose yourself in all the spaces you create. Yorkshire Fabric Shop is a great place to order your made-to-measure custom curtains. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now!

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