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How to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner | 6 Common Problems

Vacuum cleaners act as a magical sword that cleans up all the mess within a few minutes. Many parts of a vacuum cleaner are movable, so there is a need to fix them often. 

It is pretty easy to find the faulty part and fix it within a short period. Some problems which are common and happen frequently are as follows.

1. The Decrease in Suction Force

fix suction force problem of a vacuum cleaner

Dust is an enemy for all machinery, and dust can indeed be an issue in machinery, which sucks the dust like vacuum cleaners. It can obstruct the working of the brush, hose, and filters, and it is essential to ensure that there is no dirt in the canister bag. 

All these can be the primary checks which diagnose the issue, and the other central check would be the vacuum belt. 

In some cases, the belt doesn’t move when the vacuum’s speed knob is set at a low level. In such instances, there would be a need to replace the belt. It doesn’t cost much, and it is easy to replace the old belt with the new one. 

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2. Hot Smoke or Burning Smell 

hot smoke or burning smell of a vacuum cleaner

It is essential to stay calm in such situations and switch off the vacuum cleaner immediately. The hot smoke can come from the motor or any other wire present inside the vacuum cleaner. 

It is essential to replace the faulty motor with the new one as the faulty one can damage other parts. 

The vacuum belt sometimes causes a burning smell, and one can replace it with the new one if that is faulty. 

In case you see some sparking inside the vacuum cleaner, wear the electrician gloves, and turn off the switch from a wooden plank. 

The air and exhaust filter can also be the reason for the burning smell, so if that is the issue, then replace them. 

3. Mind the Electrical Connection in the Board Inside the Vacuum Cleaner 

fix electrical problems of a vacuum cleaner

In case there is no vibration while switching on the vacuum cleaner, it could probably be a matter of a faulty plug. A broken plug is easy to replace with the new one. 

The circuit inside the vacuum cleaner has to be perfectly fine, and all the wires should be connected correctly. In some cases, the wire burns up inside the vacuum cleaner and turns the area black. 

4. Fix the Noise 

fix the noise of a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum belt is more often the reason for the weird noise which comes from vacuum cleaners. You can check the filters and remove all the dirt from the belt that obstructs it from moving. 

Hair can also block the motion of the vacuum belt. In case you are unable to detect the fault, you can indeed seek help from a technician. 

5. Get Regular Service of the Vacuum Cleaner

get regular service of a vacuum cleaner

Regular service of vacuum cleaners increases the life of the motor and other parts of the cleaner. 

Moreover, it prevents other issues that can happen from the obstruction of dirt. In service, all the dust and other things that can obstruct the vacuum’s normal flow are removed. 

6. Clean the Roller

clean the roller of a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum belt has a direct linkage with the roller, and if the roller is not moving, then the belt will not work. 

It is the part where hair gets stuck and obstructs the motion. You can cut the hair with a scissor and further clean the dirt with a brush’s help. 

It is essential to check whether the roller is spinning correctly, and for that, you can switch the vacuum on without applying the cover. It will give the proper insights into whether the roller and belt are working fine or a need for replacement. 


There are some checks which you can ensure initially according to the problem you are facing. There are some precautions that you should take before fixing any of the issues. 

It includes wearing electrician gloves, slippers, and ensuring the switch is off while fixing vacuum cleaner faults

In case you do not understand the connections inside the board, it would be advisable to get in touch with the technician. 

Moreover, regular service is essential as it removes all the things that obstruct the vacuum belt movement and other parts. 

On the other hand, it is easy to service the cleaner and replace the part at home. 

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