how to soften hard bread

How To Soften Hard Bread | 4 Easy Way To Do

How to soften hard bread is the most common question asked by lots of people around the world so, we have decided to explain 4 easy ways to do it. Let’s start with an introduction.

Bread is the easy meal that is always available in the kitchen of almost all of us. But it does not stay the same for a long time in taste and appearance as well. Even If you buy a bread loaf today, the next morning, it will start getting stale. Or if not gone stale, it gets hard and does not taste the same as that of fresh. 

No one likes to eat hard bread or stale one. So we often have to waste it, which is not ideal at any cost.

It is nearly impossible to eat the whole bread loaf at one time when it is fresh out of the oven, or you just bought it from the bakery. And it gets hard within a day if not appropriately covered. 

How to soften hard bread is a mystery for a long time, and it is so essential for us to know how to soften hard bread as we encounter this problem regularly.

Why Does Bread Stale

The bread is made of starch, and when it is taken out of the oven, the starch molecules gradually start to retrograde. Starch retrogradation is defined as a process in which the starch molecules crystalize and harden. 

The crystallization occurs because of the loss of moisture and heat. And it is acceptable to some extent unless it loses all the moisture and gets stiff, and we find it difficult to eat. 

 And as the starch crystallizes, more moisture is lost, and the bread starts getting stale. 

So, if you bought the bread last night, you may not easily waste it. So the best is to find some ways to keep the bread fresh, or at least if you aren’t able to regain the new state, find some ways to soften hard bread to be easier to eat.

How To Soften Hard Bread? Here are 4 Quick Hacks To Soft it

Quick Hacks To Soften The Hard Bread

We all can relate that when we plan to eat bread and butter in the morning but find hard bread in the kitchen, it destroys our mood. Here we have discussed four practices that you should try to soften hard bread.

1. Place Hard Bread With Celery

Although it is not an ideal solution, some people like it to make their bread soft. Try this hack if you want the flavor of celery; otherwise, try out some other tricks.

In this method, put a few stalks of celery with the bread and keep it overnight. The celery stalks have enough moisture that softens the bread to some extent. But on the other hand, it makes it smell like celery, that’s why I warned you to try unless you like celery.

2. Heat In The Microwave With A Damp Towel

Another hack is to take a damp towel and wrap your bread loaf in it. Wrap it entirely, and then heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. It softens hard bread, but if you want to get the crisps too, this hack is not for you and only those who wish for softer bread.

3. Wrapping In The Aluminum Foil

The third hack, which works relatively better than the other two, is wrapping up the bread loaf in the aluminum foil and then heating it in the oven. It works wonders. How? Let me explain it to you. 

To soften a hard bread, all you need is moisture and heat. And in this hack, we are providing both. It not only softens the bread but also makes it crispier. The aluminum foil provides enough moisture to keep it soft, and the heat by the oven makes it crispier. So, it would help if you tried this out to soften your hard bread.

4. Spray Water On Bread And Then Bake

It might sound crazy to you, but I have tried it for years, and it works best. No worry if your bread goes harder in the morning. Just spray a little water over it in such a way that all of the bread gets wet, and then bake it in the oven.

And hola! Your bread is ready. It might not taste 100% the same, but it is nearest to the taste of fresh bread. 

Final Words

If you are looking for ways to soften hard bread, then I hope you find a better and practical solution in this article, and it works for you the same way it helped us. 

The bread needs heat and moisture to regain its softness, and once you provide both of them simultaneously, you will get the softer bread that you can enjoy and will not regret wasting it.

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