Laundry Tips Cut Water Consumption in Half

Laundry Tips: Cut Water Consumption in Half

The washing of clothes or laundry has been performed in every household since ancient Rome, or even before that. 

There are various ways to wash your laundry, before, the traditional method of washing your dirty laundry was done on watercourses. Hand washing the clothes is accompanied by a strong water flow to wash the dirt and grime away. 

Today, laundry has become more reliant on technology and machines. With this, there are aspects where you need to be aware of. 

One of the concerns in today’s laundry process is water consumption. Unlike the usage of watercourses, where you have an unlimited water supply, you now have to be wary of your water consumption. The use of too much water will only hurt your water bill.

There are many methods to address water consumption concerns in doing laundry, and here we will talk about some of the simple ways to do so.

Efficient Machine

As the innovation of technology has paved its way in laundry machines, more functions are available. Upgrading your laundry machine is one way to counter heavy water consumption. 

In today’s market, many washers and dryers offer energy and water-saving features. It is not hard to find these laundry machines as they are generally made to use less water nowadays. 

Choosing The Right Type

Laundry machines have two different types: top-load washing machines and front-load washing machines. 

Generally, top-load machines require more water to clean clothes. Meanwhile, front-load washing machines use less water. It is due to the design of front-load washers.

Maximize Your Load

One of the simplest methods in cutting your water consumption half in doing laundry is maximizing your washing machine’s capacity. 

In this way, you will maximize the water needed for your machine to function, giving you the upper hand in water consumption. Also, newer models of washing machines offer you functions to set the amount of water to be used for a specific load. 

Pre-Treat Stains

Another method in managing water consumption is to treat first hard stains simply. It means that you would first clean a particular area of your garment where there is a stain. Such a method will lessen the number of cycles needed in your machine to clean hard stains. 

Moreover, pre-treating stubborn stains lessen the possibility of your favorite clothes from damage. You can use natural ingredients to remove the stains before placing your clothes in the laundry.

Avoid Extra Cycles

Newer models of washing machines have a function where there is an extra rinsing cycle. Its purpose is to ensure that your clothes are properly rinsed. However, this is not needed and will only require more water usage. 

If you think that your clothes are already clean and adequately rinsed, you may opt to change the machine’s settings and turn its “extra cycle” mode off. 

Regular Maintenance

Another critical thing to consider in dealing with water consumption is doing regular maintenance on your machine. You have to regularly check your laundry machine for leaks, especially on the pipes and their connections. Regular usage of these machines will wear its connections and pipes over time, and this will create leaks and suck water out of the machine quickly.

Nevertheless, you can cut water and power consumption if you opt to do your laundry at a laundry service. 

Large water consumption is from the household laundry, which can be reduced if you outsource your dirty laundry to a reliable laundromat near you. 

Moreover, it’s an option most busy people choose. Aside from reducing utility bills, it helps protect and save the environment.

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