General Tips

How Much Propane Does My House Use?

propane gas in home

When calculating propane usage, you need to factor in several factors. Your house’s temperature, the energy efficiency of your heating equipment, and the time of day your heating equipment is used are all factors. By following a few general rules, you can estimate how much propane your house uses every …

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Bath Sheet Vs Bath Towel

bath sheet vs bath towel

Can’t seem to figure out the difference between a bath sheet Vs bath towel? Well, it won’t be confused anymore. That is because we are about to make you familiar with the distinctive features of both of these.  You can head to the market with the proper mindset after knowing …

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How to Dry Basil | 3 Tested Ways

How to Dry Basil

Drying basil wouldn’t be a problem anymore because we bring you a detailed guide to address all your queries. Before getting into the guide let’s introduce you a little to basil itself. Basil is a herb used for many reasons. Mainly it is used in dishes, and once you try …

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Laundry Tips: Cut Water Consumption in Half

Laundry Tips Cut Water Consumption in Half

The washing of clothes or laundry has been performed in every household since ancient Rome, or even before that.  There are various ways to wash your laundry, before, the traditional method of washing your dirty laundry was done on watercourses. Hand washing the clothes is accompanied by a strong water …

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