How To Work With Wall Art For Home Interiors

How To Work With Wall Art For Home Interiors

Giving a new look to your home interiors can be time-consuming and expensive. 

But not always! 

Sometimes, simple things like wall art can bring in a much-needed change and add dimension. In fact, wall art is one of the most affordable ways of giving a whole new makeover to your interiors. 

In this article, let us find some interesting ideas to work with wall art for home interiors.

Go For Grids

If you have a large empty wall in your living room and do not know what to do with it, then opt for a grid. Creating a tight grid of your favorite pictures will give an illusion of one big piece of art. 

You can use framed store-bought paintings, or if you are into photography, frame the photos you took and use them as a central theme for the wall. It will be your stunning artwork that would perfectly fill up the large canvas.

Amazing Artifacts

You can expand your art collections and include three-dimensional artifacts. They have a good visual appeal and can add a lot of characters to your interiors. 

You can use decorative pieces, plaque, baskets, etc., as your wall hanging and add a personalized touch to your home. Go to the junk market or antique shop to buy that unique piece that will level up your interiors.

Seamless Symmetrical Art

You can use symmetrical art prints, wherein a piece has two displays, and each is the mirror image of the other. You can use a central item, like a lamp or a large bowl, and put the two pieces on either side of it. You can also create echoes of them with furniture pieces like a pair of the same chairs.

Single-Piece Wall Art

Rather than using multiple pieces, you can focus on getting a single and large art piece that would cover the blank space on your wall. It can be abstract wall art, which looks very high-end. 

You can put low-wattage picture lighting, which would add more depth to the piece. It will invite your guests to have a closer look at the painting.

Elegant Oversized Prints

You can make a personalized statement with a collection of extra-large prints on your wall space. These can be art prints of leaves, flowers, or any other colorful thing, but the pattern and color should be crisp and clear. Use as many as you want to cover the whole wall up, but ensure that the pieces are massive.

Colorful Kitchen Shelves

If you have open shelves in your kitchen, you can dress them up with colorful art prints that lean against the wall. Wooden kitchen equipment like chopping boards and bowls can also add a lot of character to your kitchen interior. 

Opt for all-white dishware to keep the area functional while maintaining its aesthetics.

Mix ‘n’ Match Shapes

Fall in love with how those empty walls look by combining assorted prints, photographs, and structural pieces. Opt for a neutral color scheme for the best outcome. You can arrange all the pieces on the wall to see what looks best and place them accordingly on the wall.

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