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How to Secure Your Home From Potential Criminals | Top 7 Tips

If you are living in an area where the crime rate is high, you should consider increasing the level of security of your home. There are many ways that you can consider when trying to improve the safety of your home.

In this article, you will learn about some common and not so common ways by which you can assure the safety of yourself and your family.

Install a CCTV System

You may have come across a lot of premises and facilities that have cameras installed. Why? The reason is cameras not only just record the scene but also discourage burglars and other criminals from committing a crime.

Unfortunately, things may get worse sometimes and no matter what level of security you have, some still do what they want to do. Cameras can come in handy when reporting crimes and help law enforcement agencies to catch the culprits as their faces may reveal which is a positive sign and they may get caught in a couple of days. 

A good CCTV camera system may store their recording every minute ensuring that nothing stays out of the eye. Also, try to install some CCTV cameras hidden from the naked eye so that if any burglary happens they do not destroy it.

Law enforcement agencies also encourage the use of cameras as they help a lot. Now the tricky part. Some people think that the camera system will cost them a lot. This isn’t true. The cost is different in every area although it is not that much if you research a little bit.

You can contact your nearby law enforcement agency to help you out or if you are living in the UK you can contact risk management companies. They can help you improve your security by not just providing cameras but also they are experts in home security, you can get more services from them too.

Don’t Keep Valuables in Plain Sight

Burglars mostly target people that possess valuable things like jewelry, paintings, and similar things that are easy to steal. If you have such things in plain sight, you are an easy target. 

If you manage to hide every important thing and manage to show that you don’t have anything worth stealing in your house, the burglar will get discouraged and will skip your house as they don’t want to waste their time or take the risk.

Forget the “Hide-a-Key”

Hiding keys under the mattress or near the door before leaving home is a common habit of people. Most people tend to hide their door keys in places that are easy to remember. 

If a burglar or any other bad fish wants to commit a crime somewhere, they keep an eye on those people, their activities, and similar things and make a plan to break into the premises when you are not at home.

All you need to do is to take keys with you no matter where you go. This means the burglar won’t be able to break in easily. 

However, the other way around that is you should upgrade your doors. Using the latest locks that open with both keys and user code is the best option. 

The code is hard to track down and also if the burglar knows the passcode, they cannot open it without the keys. This makes sure that no one opens the door without your consent.

Avoid Doors With Glass Near the Handle

Burglars mostly are experienced in breaking glass, if you are having a door with glass installed, you may be at risk. All you have to do is to avoid installing doors with glass near handles in order to avoid any burglar entering your place.

You can use iron grills too as they are not easy to break and can maximize door security.

Invest in Motion-Activated Lights

In case if you travel a lot, burglars will find your home a potential target because when there is no one in the house they can do their activities easily. To avoid this, you can install motion sensor lights that light up when someone enters an area.

For instance, if you are away from your home and burglar breaks into your house, lights will light up, this will scare the robber thinking that there might be an owner in the house. This way he may leave your house immediately to avoid getting caught.

Keep Your Second-Floor Safe

Most people focus more on the ground floor when security is a concern. The second floor’s entry points may help burglars to break into your premises. 

You should focus on your second floor too and to do this you can use sensor locks, glass break sensors so that whenever someone tries to get in, they get discouraged when the alarm goes off.

Window Locks

If you never leave your key somewhere easily accessible, the next entry point thieves consider best is the windows when entering a home. If you consider increasing the security of your home, you should also focus on widows.

As already mentioned above, you can avoid any inconvenience by using lock sensors on windows that have an alarm attached to them that goes off when someone tries to enter through. 

People mostly have simple locks on their windows that can be unlocked easily. If you install some latest locks that only can be opened from inside, you have a high chance to avoid burglary. You should also make sure every entry point at night is locked as most of the crimes are done at night.

That is it. There are many other measures too that aren’t highlighted in the article but these are proven to be helpful for many people and their families.

Final Words

Increasing the level of security of your home is important because no one compromises the safety of the family. The above-mentioned measures can be used to avoid any criminal act from happening. 

The fact is that they may cost you some dollars but these bills are worth spending when the safety of yourself and your family is concerned. Hope this article helped. Stay safe!

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