Kitchen Table Polyamory

4 Amazing Skills to Build Healthy Kitchen Table Polyamory

“Polyamory” is derived from two words “poly” a Greek word that means “several or many” and “Amor” a Latin word that means “love”.

“Polyamorous relationships” involves the practice of close relationships with more than one partner including the consent of each and every partner involved.

Generally, polyamory falls under the wider category of responsible and ethical non-monogamy. Practically, Polyamory is an umbrella term that is collectively used for many different forms of non-monogamous, multi-partner relationships, or nonexclusive romantic relationships. 

Following are the Different Styles of Polyamory:

  • Hierarchical Polyamory 
  • Non-hierarchical Polyamory
  • Kitchen-table Polyamory
  • Parallel Polyamory 
  • Mono-poly relationships
  • Solo Polyamory

Kitchen Table Polyamory:

Kitchen table polyamory is the style of polyamory. It’s a very novel term even in poly-circles.

Kitchen table polyamory refers to the gathering of different people as a polycule or group who are connected and familiar to each other to the extent that they sit around at the kitchen table with some coffee or tea, where every person in the polycule or group is comfortable sitting together even if they are not familiar with anyone and have a relationship with only one person from that polycule. 

Kitchen table polyamory doesn’t mean that it involves only the kitchen and table. People may gather at picnics or go for movie nights out etc. 

People who want and prefer kitchen table polyamory actually want to know their metamours and want to be familiar and be friends with them.

kitchen plyamory

All relationships are naturally complicated and tricky but the relationship with many partners and adding more love into the mix is more complex than other relationships that include only one partner and you need quite incredible skills to make it successful.

Here are the 4 amazing skills that you need to make a kitchen table polyamorous relationship.

1. Devotion and Loyalty

Loyalty or fidelity is the key element in any relationship for its maintenance and for the relationship to remain long lasted. 

So fidelity and loyalty are also very important for the enhancement and maintenance of kitchen table polyamory. 

If you prefer and like kitchen table polyamory, you have to be loyal and devoted to your every partner for a perfect kitchen table polyamory. 

The majority of polyamorists define fidelity, not as sexual exclusivity rather fidelity and loyalty in kitchen table polyamory means to become loyal and faithful to the promises and agreements about the relationship. 

A secret sexual relationship that infringes these accords would be a violation of fidelity and loyalty and it doesn’t encourage kitchen table polyamory is based on commitments other than sexual exclusivity such as loyalty, trust, etc.

Loyalty is the Strongest Glue

Which Makes a Relationship

Last For the Last Time

2. Communication and Listening

Communication and listening are some of the basic and very important elements in every kind of relationship yet it is incredibly important in kitchen table polyamorous relationship.

On the kitchen table, polyamorous relationship dynamics are changed from other types of relationships.

“Honesty is to communication what multiplication is to calculus. if you can’t be honest, you can’t communicate .honesty is the minimum, not the maximum; there is more to communicate than just honesty.”

                                  -Jenna Medaris

For a successful kitchen table polyamory, you need to be able to talk with your partners without making them feel that they are lacking or are bad partners for not knowing your fancies and wishes automatically.

Listening is also a very important part of communication. Being a good listener you encourage your partners to talk openly about anything and thus both communication and listening lead to a successful kitchen table polyamory.

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3. Truth and Honesty

A successful building of a kitchen table polyamorous relationship lies in truth and honesty.

Being true and honest to all of your partner make a successful kitchen table polyamory.

A polyamorous relationship is all about honesty and truth. If you are able to speak honestly it makes relationships more successful and less complex.

“I try to point out that it’s not harming anybody if it’s all open and honest.”

                                                       -Calum James

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4. Respect and Dignity

It is a basic right of every person to be valued and respected for what they are. Helping your partner maintain a sense of dignity. Without respect and dignity relationships are lost.

Show respect to your partners by supporting their choices, listening to their concerns, by asking their opinions in every conversation.

“A healthy relationship is one that includes mutual respect, trust, and caring for the wellbeing of the other.”

                -Guilford County Resident 

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A healthy and successful kitchen table polyamory is based on these values. by possessing and Adopting these values you can build a successful and perfect kitchen table polyamory and enjoy kitchen table polyamory.

Hope that these skills and values help you to build a healthy kitchen table polyamory. When you will remain loyal and devoted to each and every partner.

When you will not break their promises and agreements.When you will respect them and their values. In this way, you can build a healthy kitchen table polyamory.

So, when you gather at the kitchen table or a picnic along with your partners and metamours, you will spend quality time with them and will enjoy a healthy and perfect kitchen table polyamorous relation. 

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