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Top 4 Easiest Homemade Rat Poison Recipes


Before taking about homemade rat poison let’s have a quick introduction of rats species.

Nature has created numerous kinds of animals. Some are harmful and some are not. As human beings, we have terrors associated with some animals although they may be small in size. One of such animals is Rat which is commonly found in most houses. 

They are very speedy, small in size, have sharp teeth, and can reproduce rapidly. They can be very irritating as they can cut different types of material (cloth, wires, plastic, papers, etc.), and also take away / damaged food items. 

Rats are one of the most hated animals and a big ratio of women has phobias related to rats. This can be, because of appearance or diseases that it can transmit from one place to another. 

Rats are from the mammal category of the animal kingdom. Brown rats can live up to 2 years, and black rats have a lifespan of 12 months. Three kinds of rats are normally found in homes. 

These invaders are:-

1. House Mice

2. Norway Rats

3. Roof Rats

Rats are famous for hiding in dark places of homes where they find a cozy environment to grow and reproduce. They can give birth to 60 rats in just one year.

Therefore, people always look for poisons/methods to eliminate them right away. Homemade rat poison is one of the convenient ways for their elimination.

Table Of Contents

  • How to Know about the Presence of Rats at Home?
  • How Rats are Harmful to Us?
  • Homemade Rat Poison
  • Homemade Rat Poison Recipes
  • Final Words

How to Know About the Presence of Rats at Home?

signs of presence of rats in home

Rats have a very high reproduction rate and the ability to grow and flourish quickly. They always try to hide from humans due to fear of getting killed. Rats love to live and stay in the secret places of our homes. 

They usually come out when there is less movement in any specific area. Few signs can indicate their presence at our homes. These are:-

  • Marks on the floors
  • Greasy or visible lines on the walls
  • Droppings of the rats
  • Rat Holes
  • Rat Nests
  • Unusual dirt signs
  • Unusual Sound from the covered areas

How Rats are Harmful to Us?

Rats are being discussed for the hazards they bring to our health in the form of diseases, infections, and even severe illness that can cause death!

By nature, rats are shy. These nocturnal rodents always look for food, shelter, and dark places in homes to survive. Sometimes, they live outside the houses in the sewerage tanks or pipes and come into our homes just to take away eatables.

Rats are famous for the transmission of harmful diseases. The dirt, droppings, and urine spread by the rats in our homes are a source of welcoming a disease in the home and can badly affect the members.

Moreover, they can become the reason for transferable infections in humans by biting, and scratching the exposed parts of the body while sleeping. 

Our food can get contaminated by their touching, and even tasting. 

As rat poisons available in the market can be expensive and non-effective, we must look forward to making homemade rat poison which is easy to make and less expensive

This can help in getting rid of these attackers, and save us from all damages and diseases they can be a cause of. 

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Homemade Rat Poison

While trying to get rid of rats, we have to take steps and use techniques that are safe for our family and lethal for rats. 

Homemade rat poison is very easy to make, effective, less costly, safe for home usage, and prevents harmful effects of other rat poisons available in the market. 

Normally, people use peppermint oil, mothballs, ammonia, black pepper, and onion to make homemade rat poison to easily kill rats. 

Homemade Rat Poison Recipes

Here are some simple and easy homemade rat poison recipes for which all the ingredients can be found in our kitchen. Those are:-

1. Plaster of Paris Poison

2. Boric Acid Poison

3. Mashed Potatoes Poison

4. Baking Soda Poison

1. Plaster of Paris Poison

To Make Poison Using Plaster of Paris, We Need:-

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Sugar or Chocolate mix
  • Flour or Cornmeal
  • Jar lids


Mix a cup of plaster of Paris, sugar or chocolate mix, and flour or cornmeal each. Then put the mixture in some jar lids and place the baited jar lids where the movement of rats is suspected in the house. 

When the rats will smell the chocolate and get attracted, this homemade rat poison will kill them when they will eat it and the plaster of Paris will get mixed, and harden after contact with the fluids present in their stomach and intestines.

2. Boric Acid Poison 

To Make Poison Using Boric Acid, We Need:-

  • Boric Acid
  • Chicken Broth
  • Jar lids


Take 1 cup of boric acid, and mix the chicken broth about half a teaspoon at a time. Make a good paste by adding chicken broth slowly. 

Now, we can spoon the paste into baited jar lids and place them where we usually see the dirt, and stools of the rats. 

This homemade rat poison is very effective because the smell of chicken broth is very delicious for rats. When they will consume boric acid, it will make them sleep forever!

3. Mashed Potatoes Poison 

To Make Poison Using Mashed Potatoes, We Need:-

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Disposable bowls


Mix mashed potatoes, and sugar in a disposable bowl. The sugar will make the mashed potatoes flakes good to taste for rats. Keep water with the bowl of mashed potatoes. When rats will find the smell of potatoes a tasty treat for them, and eat it and drink water right after it. 

It will make their stomach highly bloated and produce a lot of gas. Rats are not able to pass the gas and this gastric issue will lead them to death. That’s how from this homemade rat poison you will be able to get rid of these nasty residents of your home.

4. Baking Soda Poison

To Make Poison Using Baking Soda, We Need:-

  • Baking Soda
  • Sugar or Chocolate mix
  • Flour or Cornmeal
  • Jar lids


Mix baking soda, powdered sugar/chocolate mix, and flour/cornmeal all together in a ratio of 1:1:1. Make a good mix, and fill the baited jar. 

When rats are attracted to the smell, they will consume it, and the baking soda will become a cause of the release of carbon dioxide in the stomach, and kill by rupturing. As we already know that rats are unable to pass the gas.

Final Words

From the above discussion, we have concluded that homemade rat poison is the right choice for the termination of rats from our homes, due to the advantages it has over commercially available rat poisons. 

Homemade rat poison has an added benefit of the safety of kids at home since kids are always attracted to something suspected or placed for the killing of rats and cockroaches etc. 

Therefore, the use of homemade rat poison is always recommended because of the benefits mentioned in the article. 

Furthermore, deep care (including wearing disposable gloves) is to be taken while making, and using homemade rat poison.

Recipes of Homemade Rat Poison?

1. Plaster of Paris Poison
2. Boric Acid Poison 

3. Mashed Potatoes Poison 
4. Baking Soda Poison
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