How to Get Rid of Clover

How to Get Rid of Clover In the Farm | 9 Natural Ways

Greenery is always a source of positive energy, and people take care of the trees and crops on the farm like their own kids.

Removing clovers from the field is necessary, but some people prefer removing them from their lawn. Does the question arise how to get rid of clover

Well, it is pretty straightforward. It is possible to get rid of clover naturally within a short period.

The benefit of removing clover naturally is the protection from harm that chemicals can have on the surrounding grass. 

clover is a weed that doesn’t grow much in length in the lawn, but generally, the soil’s acidic nature is the reason for its excess growth. 

These are the ways which one can choose to remove the clover naturally from their farm. 

How to Get Rid of Clover by Natural Ways

9 natural ways to remove clover

1. Remove Clover From your Hand 

It is essential to remove the clover from the root because if there will be any room left, then the clover will grow back. It is easy to remove from the hand when the area from which it has to be removed is less. One can also loosen the soil from a spade and then take the clover root out from the soil. 

2. Check Whether pH is Appropriate 

The soil’s pH has to stay between 6 to 7, and in most cases, the inadequate levels of pH are the reason for the extra growth of clover. It would be a waste of effort in case an individual is planning for different ways to remove clover, but the pH level is not adequate. 

The purpose of knowing the soil’s pH is the soil’s nature, whether the soil is acidic or it is balanced. In case it is acidic, it will affect the growth of grass but would boost the growth of clover. 

Some fertilizers are present in the market that can help maintain the pH level of the soil. A regular treatment of soil is necessary for some time to bring the pH level back to normal. 

3. Stop the Supply of Sunlight and Oxygen

For the growth of any crop, they need to get sunlight and oxygen. Covering the entire field with a plastic sheet will stop the supply for both of them. It will take a week or two, but one has to take care that they do not affect the grass by doing such activity. 

Moreover, it is advisable to do this method only when removing the clover is vast. One has to ensure that the plastic is not torn from anywhere because sunlight and oxygen would escape from that portion of the plastic. 

4. Vinegar Can Help in Removing the Clover

Vinegar and dish soap can help kill clovers, and to prepare the solution, one has to do the following things. 

Step 1: Take a bottle and add some vinegar in it, nearly a cup, and fill the rest of the bottle with soap water. The size of the bottle should be 700ml. 

Step 2: Shake the bottle well and spray the mixture on the roots of the clover. One bad thing about the mixture is that it kills the grass, too, so one must be careful while spraying on the clover. 

5. Cornmeal Gluten 

It is the best natural way of removing the clover because it doesn’t affect the grass while killing the clover. One has to spread the corn mean gluten in their field and then water the grass. When it dries, then the process of destroying the clover will start. 

6. Length of the Grass 

When the grass’s length is less than 3 inches, then the chances of clover to grow increases. Moreover, if an individual would allow the growth of grass for more than 7 inches, it is advantageous over clover. 

7. Landscape Fabrics 

The landscape fabric with a little hole would be useful, preventing the growth of clovers. It would act as a physical barrier and would not allow the clover to pass through it. It is another natural method of preventing the growth of clover. 

8. What Provokes the Growth of Clover 

Less nitrogen in the soil is the reason for the excess growth of clover. One can always provide an adequate amount of nitrogen to the soil with the help of organic fertilizers. It becomes challenging for clovers to grow in soil with a high nitrogen level and one has not to invest efforts to remove them. 

9. How to Kill Clover with the Help of Chemicals 

Weed Killer 

When none of the natural methods work efficiently and can affect the grass around the clover, then the weed killer would be an ideal solution. It will affect only the clover and will kill all of it within a week. 

The fastest and easiest solution for removing the clover is the weed killer. One can spray it with a spray bottle’s help and repeat the same activity every day for a week. 


Some people prefer keeping clovers on their lawn and farm, but some do not. There are advantages and disadvantages to keeping them in the field. 

In case the plans are strong to remove the clover, then one should not wait for a long time. The reason being is the increase in the area in which the clover spreads. 

Once the area increases, it becomes difficult to remove them, plus the cost and effort increase too. 

It is easy to remove clover from the field, and some natural ways are also present, which can prevent the harmful effect of chemicals on soil. The primary reason for dropping many methods is grass, which many natural ways and chemical products have. 

One can follow some precautionary measures to prevent clover growth by supplying adequate amounts of nutrients to the soil and maintaining the pH level. 

The best time to use any chemical is after rain and ensure that it doesn’t affect the lawn’s grass. The results from the chemicals will be quick in comparison to the natural processes. 

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