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What To Expect From A Commercial Property Inspection?

A commercial property inspection Fort Worth is a professional inspection that helps buyers, sellers, or renovators get a clear picture of a property’s condition. Just as home inspection services are essential before buying a house, so are commercial property inspections. 

If you are a commercial property owner, its maintenance and environment need to be clean, healthy, and safe. An inspection ensures happy employees and increases productivity at the workplace. 

If you are an investor who wants to buy a building, getting a commercial property inspection done will help you assess the condition of the building. 

Knowing the physical condition and proper functioning of all the building elements will ensure you make a safe investment, and you don’t end up putting your money down the drain.

Commercial inspections require a larger team and more time than home inspection services. A commercial building inspection can take several days to complete. 

This is because the covered area of a commercial building is more significant than a house. Therefore, inspection companies usually send a team of inspectors to cover the inspection instead of a single inspector. 

In addition, the inspectors may need to include specialized engineers to perform a commercial building inspection where required. Therefore, additional technical equipment is needed, along with the expertise and skill of commercial building inspection teams.

Why Should You Consider A Commercial Inspection?

One cannot stress the importance of a commercial inspection enough. Besides the legal requirements of getting a building checked before purchasing, it also comes down to your interest. 

Commercial buildings are worth a lot more than homes; their value can reach millions. No one wants to spend that amount without knowing if it is worth the investment. Some of the perks of commercial property inspection are

Knowing Maintenance Costs

You need to maintain your commercial building after having bought it. A commercial property inspector will inform you how much you will have to spend to keep the building well-maintained. 

Maintenance can include the upkeep of the HVAC, roof, sidings, etc. This information will allow you to know how much rent you will need to charge to the tenants if you plan to rent out the building.

Helps In Proper Planning

Investors buy commercial buildings as an investment. Suppose you plan to purchase a building and renovate it for a future project. 

A commercial property inspector will tell you how viable your plans are.  Thus having an inspection can save you from the hassle of getting stuck during a future project.

Avoid Accidents

If you plan on buying a commercial building to run your own business, you will need to make sure all systems are in working order. 

A commercial property holds a company run by many employees. Keeping them safe will minimize the risk of running into lawsuits. In addition, a commercial inspection gives you peace of mind that your building is secure.

When To Have A Commercial Property Inspected

It is advisable to have a commercial property inspected in the following cases.

If you plan to buy a commercial building, invest your money in it.

-If you plan on buying a commercial property to renovate it.

-If you are running a business on a commercial property, have it inspected to ensure it is maintained and safe.

-If you plan to rent out an existing property.

Thorough commercial property inspections are crucial in determining your commercial investment’s maintenance costs and safety. Never rush into purchasing a commercial property without a review.

What To Expect From a Commercial Property Inspection?

A commercial inspection will include a complete assessment of the interior and exterior of a building; everything is covered, from the foundation to the roof. 

A commercial property inspector visualizes the interior, exterior, structural frame, roof, HVAC, parking lots, pedestrian surfaces, wheelchair access area, fire safety features, etc. 

He will also inspect the mechanical systems of the building. Within 24 hours of completing an inspection, a report is delivered to the customer, highlighting any items that need repair or replacement. What is included in the inspection;



-Doors & Windows



-Electrical Systems

-Mechanical Systems


Specialty Inspections like mold or Radon are not in a regular inspection. These come at an added cost and require advanced gadgets and equipment to test the environment. Samples are sent to the laboratory to confirm the presence of any hazards within the building.

Professional Building Inspections, What Building Types Are Included?

A commercial property inspection covers many types of commercial buildings, these include;

-Strip Malls



-Childcare Facility

-Office blocks


-Retail Spaces

-Apartment buildings

-Multi-family dwellings and  so on

Cost Of A Commercial Property Inspection Fort Worth

The pricing of a commercial building inspection depends on the square footage area of the building. The age of the building is another factor that can affect the price of the property. Every commercial building is unique and requires a tailored quote.  

A retail building inspection cost can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Still, it is often worth spending that amount to ensure you have valued the property correctly and everything is per the state’s codes. 

Texinspec covers commercial property inspections in Fort worth; with experience spanning over several years, their team is professional and qualified to meet all your inspection needs.

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