Tips For First Time Pond Owners

Installing a pond in your garden can be an exciting update, but it can also be an overwhelming one for those who have never installed or cared for a garden pond before. It can be difficult to know where to start or what you need to focus on for your first pond, so this guide is here to help. 

8 Top Reasons for Installing a Garden Pond 

  1. Learn a new skill and outdoor hobby
  2. Keep and care for fish 
  3. Improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden 
  4. Build a relaxing outdoor retreat 
  5. Encourage more wildlife into your garden
  6. Add extra lighting to your garden
  7. Adds value to your property, so ideal if you’re looking to sell
  8. They just look good!

7 Tips for First Time Pond Owners

1. Think About Shading Options

When creating your first pond, you might be tempted to choose a prime sunny spot. While sunlight is important for your pond, it’s also a good idea to have some shading options to get the best of everything. You might want to install plants or flowers that don’t do well in direct sunlight all day, so think about installations like bushes or fences that can provide some shading when you need it. 

2. Think Natural

Ponds always look best when they’re natural, which means you don’t want to go too tidy. If you think too tidy, you’re also compromising the opportunity for wildlife to thrive. Instead, plan for a maintained pond space, but one which also invites natural wildlife too, which means shrubbery, twigs, and dirt, as well as a variety of plants and flowers. 

3. Choose High-Quality Equipment 

It’s easy to cut corners when it comes to your pond equipment if you’re eager to get started, but choosing high-quality equipment is always a worthy investment. This will make sure your pond is the best it can be from the very start and reduce the risk of maintenance costs over time. To make sure you can get the best of everything your new pond needs, finding a professional supplier, like Water Garden, will make all the difference.

4. Have Back-Up Equipment

Even if you’ve invested in the best equipment, there’s always a risk of malfunctions or problems over time. When you have a pond to take care of, having backup equipment is a great idea to make sure you don’t compromise your pond or any fish living in it. If something goes wrong with your pond filter or pump, having a backup option available straight away will make sure that your pond can continue to thrive without any issues. 

5. Rainwater is Best 

For a first-time pond owner, you might be tempted to use tap water to top up or fill your pond. Rainwater is always best, so you might want to think about how to collect rainwater, such as through buckets or other containers. Rainwater paired with a good pond filter will help to keep your water in a clean and fresh condition. 

6. Make Sure Your Pond Can Be Viewed

When spending so much time on developing your new pond, you may forget about installations that will allow you to actually enjoy your new pond. Having an area to sit or walk around your pond, like a bench or pathway, will make your pond accessible and ensure you can enjoy all your hard work. 

Don’t forget about lighting, either. You may be able to enjoy your pond during the day but when nighttime hits, make sure you have pond lighting so that you can view your pond at night, too. This will also help you and your pond to stay protected, so you don’t risk falling into it in the dark. 

7. Create a Protective Border Around Your Pond 

When you’re taking part in other gardening maintenance and activities, you may be using a range of items or products for different uses. This could be lawn fertilizer, plant fertilizer, or other gardening chemicals that won’t mix well with your pond water. Without a protective border, you could risk other chemicals or products running into your pond water, especially when it rains. You should therefore think about a small fencing or stone border built around your pond to keep everything safe and separated.

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