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Let’s Be Honest | Who Doesn’t Like a Healthy and Green Lawn?

In fact, we all want our lawn to be healthy and green, but it’s hard to find the time to water your lawn on a daily or weekly basis. Even, in most cases, it’s not required to water your dawn on a regular basis. 

You can hydrate your lawn with 1 inch of water per week or twice per week. Also, choosing a lawn sprinkler depends upon your lawn size, expected features, and price range.

How to Choose Best Lawn Sprinklers for Your Lawn

Before deciding on the best lawn sprinkler, you must know a few primary factors that determine the type of efficient lawn sprinkler.

Firstly, let’s talk about the type of some favorite lawn sprinkler:

  1. Stationary Lawn Sprinkler

If your lawn area is small, then a stationary lawn sprinkler is one of the good options which is held up in a fixed position as several tiny holes cover the entire lawn within the sprinkler range.  

The pressure and price of stationary lawn sprinklers are lower than any other type of sprinkler. The range of the area depends on the number, pattern, and size of sprinkler holes.

  1. Oscillated Sprinkler

This lawn sprinkler is used for medium-sized rectangular lawns. It’s one of the most popular and commonly used sprinklers with the more delicate tuning of water sprays having an excellent efficiency of high and low-pressure water sprays.

  1. Pulsating Lawn Sprinkler

There are 2-types of a pulsating lawn sprinkler, i.e., rolling-based pulsating lawn sprinkler and spike-based pulsating lawn sprinkler. It offers a circular coverage of 70-90 feet in diameters.

  1. Rotary-Type Lawn Sprinkler

Rotary water streams operate These sprinklers across the garden area. Here, in this type of sprinkler, you could choose the precise range of area in which you want to water at a time. 

If your lawn area is big around 5000-7000 Sq ft, then Rotary type lawn sprinkler is the best fit for you. It’s even good for high water pressure.

  1. Traveling Lawn Sprinkler

Traveling lawn sprinkler is famous for its mobility. If your lawn area is enormous to water, then you don’t need anything except a lawn sprinkler.

Before deciding the type of lawn sprinkler, you need to ask a few questions yourself:

  1. Do you need sprinklers for the entire lawn area or a specific part of the lawn?
  2. Is your lawn ground level flat or curved?
  3. What’s the diameter and size of your lawn?
  4. Type of soil in your lawn
  5. Which sprinkler functionality do you require?

There are two types of sprinkler based on functionality, i.e., Spray Sprinkler System and Spike Sprinkler system.

Once you decide on the sprinkler functionality, it’s time to understand spraying & watering techniques:

  1. Micro Spray Technique
  2. Border Jet Sprays
  3. Shrub Sprays
  4. Pop Up Sprinkler

You could decide on these watering techniques based on your lawn size and the pressure required for watering.

Choosing and buying the lawn sprinkler Let’s be honest| Who doesn’t like a healthy and green lawn?

Is one of the tidy tasks but once you decide on the efficient lawn sprinkler, you will start enjoying the formula of “Less Watering | More Greenery.”   I would recommend you to purchase a quality sprinkler at once which is made of high-grade rubber, metallic hose, and other quality material.

Remember: Always apply less water when the weather is cold and more water when the weather is cold.

If your lawn size is medium or high, then buy a timer for your sprinkler or purchase a sprinkler integrated with the time. Set the timing of watering your lawn and save your time. You can even buy a few sprinklers in which the timer (automatic shutoff) is already integrated, and then you can go for a vacation without worrying about watering your lawn.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding choosing the best lawn sprinkler, then you could let us know in a comment box.

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