Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair | Top 8 Common Problems to be Fixed at Home

Rain is a shower for plants, but what to do in seasons when there is no rain? 

Well, Sprinkler is what plants adore in those days. Irrigation plays a significant role in giving proper water to the plants. 

There are days when the Sprinkler doesn’t properly throw water droplets in the entire field, and the pressure gets decreased marginally. 

It is the time to fix the Sprinkler, and certain parts can be essential checkpoints before proceeding ahead. 

Sprinkler repair is not challenging, and it would take not more than 30 minutes. One thing which is necessary to understand is that all the electrical points are turned off before fixing. One has to wear electrician gloves before Sprinkler repair. 

Sprinkler Repair Tips

1. Clogging 

It is one of the most common reasons where the dirt accumulates in the small holes and prevent throwing water high in different directions. That is the reason that sometimes the throw decreases and less water pops up from the holes. 

Other than dirt, there could be anything that can get stuck in the hole—thus preventing the throw of water in different directions. 

Way to Fix it

One can take a wire and clean the pores by removing all dirt. Other ways to clean the Sprinkler is by opening it and washing it with high-pressure water. 

2. Check for Any Leakage in the Pipe 

The functioning of the Sprinkler depends on the water pipe that is connected with the Sprinkler. In case there is a leakage in the tube, that also can be a reason for less pressure.

In some cases, some dirt sticks to the line’s walls, and high pressure in those times can break the pipe. 

Way to Fix it 

One can roll the tape around the part which is leaking, and if the similar way already fixes many parts of the pipe, then the pipe has to be changed.

Timely cleaning of the line could prevent the dirt from accumulating and further leakage due to water pressure. 

3. Check For Chattering Sound 

The size of the wire between the controller and the relay is the reason for such chattering sound. The small size of wire can be replaced with a 15 gauge wire for runs over 15 feet.

It is the primary reason for chattering sound, giving rise to other defects in the Sprinkler. 

4. Check Your Controller 

For automatic irrigation, a controller can control the speed, set the time, and the type of irrigation one wants in the field.

The maximum life is ten years, but the replacement of wires and other regular maintenance is necessary to have within a few months. 

How to Fix it 

Check all the wires, especially the display wire, as majorly people get their display wire changed. In case the display goes blank, then not always that would be the problem of wire; instead, one can reset the controller by pressing the reset button for a long time. 

5. Problem in the Pump of Sprinkler 

The pump is present at the main water supply, and one can check whether there is no crack on the pump’s exterior. The damages can fill the air inside the pump and would prevent the complete pressure from building up.

Other reasons for the improper functioning of the pump could be the loose wires. One can check for priming their pump with water. It differs according to the design of the pump.  

How to Fix it 

In case there are cracks, then the entire pump has to be changed. For loose wires, one can check whether the connections are proper and each wire is building a proper electric connection or not. 

6. Change the Valve 

It is an essential component that faces high-pressure water force and often loses its strength with time. One can replace the valve easily by bringing the new valve and replacing it with the old one.

Make sure that the screws are tightened properly to avoid any leakage. The valve is generally available at less price. check it here.

7. Tilted Spray Heads

It is the primary reason that the water sprinkles more in a particular area leaving other areas dry. It can cause improper irrigation in the entire field, and a tilted spray head or excess water pressure can be the reason. 

How to Fix 

Fixing the tilted head is easy and will take a few minutes to change the spray head if the previous one is damaged.

Ensure that while repairing the tilted head, the pipe present below doesn’t break by applying excess physical pressure.

On the other hand, the pressure regulator effectively controls the extra pressure and one can buy it online. 

8. Check Valve

It is essential to save water, and the check valve blocks the head of Sprinkler, which prevents the water from spitting out. The water stays in the pipe, in the bottom.

When the sprinkler witches on the back again, the sprinkler head uses that water to spread in the field. It is a popular component which people use to prevent water wastage


These are some common problems which an individual faces in their Sprinkler. It is not difficult to fix all these problems. Instead, it would hardly take 2 hours to fix any of the above issues.

Regular service is the key, and it increases the life of sprinklers too. In case one doesn’t find any way to fix a problem, they can indeed approach some plumber or electrician to fix the problem. 

If these tips didn’t work for you then try to buy this cheap and highly rated Sprinkler for just $19.97!

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