How To Start Growing Vegetables Indoors

How To Start Growing Vegetables Indoors

Do You Love To Garden?

Perhaps you have already tried your green thumb at a few different gardens of your own or maybe you are just getting started. Either way, a few things are true about the world of gardening:

  • Soil matters
  • Transplants from garden shops can be pricey
  • Growing seasons can be extended by starting your plants indoors
  • Never let space prevent you from gardening

Soil Matters

When you are gardening you will need high-quality soil that is full of nutrients to help your plants grow. By adding compost and peat moss to your soil you will add moisture-locking protection as well as nutrients. 

If you are uncomfortable with having a compost bin then you can purchase garden soil directly from your favorite garden shop. 

Soil quality is not just important for your outside garden but it is equally as important for any gardening you do indoors. 

Depending on where you live you may have a year-round greenhouse, a countertop garden, a hanging herb garden in your kitchen, or an area in your home you can devote to seedlings and getting them started before it is time to transplant into a larger outdoor garden.

Transplants From Garden Shops Can Be Pricey

In some cases, people simply do not have any other choice than to purchase seedling plants from their local garden shop. 

These individuals may travel a lot and not have time to maintain plant seedlings in their homes or they simply may not have the interior space or a greenhouse on their property to devote to seedlings. 

Garden shops begin to display their wide variety of plants that include springtime flowers, vegetables, and fruit-bearing plants like strawberries around the end of April or early May. 

Quality plants that will produce a hearty harvest a few months after being transplanted into your garden can cost $2-$8 per plant. 

In some cases they can cost more depending upon the type of plant and if it is organic. Gardeners that are able to start seedlings at home with high-quality seeds will end up with more plants for the money and cut out the time wasted at busy garden centers. 

Once the weather breaks and the garden is ready for planting the homegrown seedlings can be placed directly in the soil to continue growing.

Growing Season Can Be Extended By Starting Your Plants Indoors

As far as starting your plants indoors you will need containers for seedlings, high-quality seeds, and potting soil. Potting soil allows for proper drainage. 

You should not use standard dirt to plant your seedlings because it can contain spores that will be harmful to new seedlings and it will not allow the water to drain properly. 

There are options for seedling containers that can accommodate everyone. You can purchase starter kits directly from your plant nursery; these are small containers that range in 2-4 inches in depth. They already have holes for drainage at the bottom. 

These get placed in another tray to prevent water from seeping out onto whatever surface your start-up garden is placed on. Plant high-quality seeds to their recommended depth listed on each package. 

Use potting soil for seedlings and then water accordingly. Once the seedlings begin to sprout you can move them to an area where they will get sunlight. 

If you are eco-conscious and would prefer to not purchase extra plastic containers you can save containers over the winter months. Jars from sauces, jams, or dressings can be sterilized and a hole can be drilled in the bottom. 

Just follow the same planting methods. You can also use a cookie sheet to place these containers on. 

Eco-friendly container gardening is becoming popular and either growing container will provide a fantastic seedling as long as the same directions are followed.

Never Let Space Prevent You From Gardening

There is no reason to avoid gardening. If you want to add some fresh produce or herbs to your diet there is literally a garden for everyone. 

Microgreens growing kits are ideal for people who do not have outdoor green space. These are countertop growing kits that can be purchased online. Each is complete with your greens of choice such as radish, kale, cilantro, chard, or lettuce to name a few. 

Many people like to harvest the tops of greens while they are still young. These small containers take up no more space than a typical countertop appliance and bring gardening directly to your countertop. Growing instructions are included in each kit.

Additionally, container gardening is very popular for those with limited green space. Containers are ideal for greens and tomato plants on balconies or smaller patios. 

You can still start your seedlings inside on a counter or table that receives direct sunlight. Once the weather is warm and the seedlings have produced a young plant you can transplant them to your container that is filled with nutrient-rich soil.

Gardening is a fun activity that produces healthy results. It is a fantastic way to add products and herbs to your diet without having to continually run to the store. 

Follow each plant’s specific instructions from their seed packets and use high-quality soil. Don’t let space restrictions limit your desire to garden. 

It does not matter if you have a large outdoor garden, a container garden on your patio, or a countertop garden in your home; all will provide you with a fun hobby and healthy options.

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