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How to Set Up Your Own Grow Room

Turning a spare room in your house into a grow room is a great way to start planting without having to spend a large amount of money. 

In this article, we are going to go over the basics of setting up a simple grow room. 

1. Find a Suitable Space

The first thing you should do is find a room or space that is big enough and close to a water source. The room should also have a couple of wall sockets. 

2. Create the Right Climate

The right climate will allow your plants to grow strong, hence, you need to keep the humidity and temperature of the room in close check. It is so important to purchase an efficient device for growing house cooling in order to create the perfect environment. 

Sophisticated Air Handlers are ideal for controlling the humidity and the temperature. 

If you decide to use an AC, just make sure you are not overheating your plants by controlling the temperature with a reverse cycle AC.

3. Optimize the Lighting

If your grow room has a window or natural light source, you should use reflective sheeting to block all light from getting into your room and also to stop light inside the room from escaping. 

Consistent lighting will help your plants grow better and stronger. Growers often use grow lights like Dual Spectrum HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) that are good for both vegetative growth and flowering. 

4. Set up an Air Exchange System

Plants consume CO2 and release moisture while lights produce heat, so you need an air exchange system in order to get the hot, moist air out and replace it with fresh CO2. 

To set up this system, you will need extractor fans to draw air out of your grow room, and intake fans to draw fresh air in (unless the room is small and you already have vents to let air in). 

The intake fan should generally be 15-20% less powerful than the extractor fan and they should be placed on the opposite side of each other. 

5. Set up a Watering System

Depending on the type of plants you grow, you will need to provide the right amount of water. 

If the plants require a lot of water, you may want to consider setting up a simple watering system that runs through each pot. 

Also, be aware that water can leak from your pots onto the floor, so it’s always good to have a waterproof floor.

6. Pay Attention to Safety 

For safety reasons, you must keep electrical devices away from coming into contact with water (except for water pumps). 

You should also consider installing a fire extinguisher for the grow room and keeping children and animals away from the equipment.

These are the basic steps and materials to help you set up a simple grow room in your own house. 

To successfully grow any plant, you should do your research about the environment and nutrients that the plant needs in order to provide the right setup for it.

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