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5 Tips For Supercharging Your Indoor Garden With Minerals

Gardening is a relaxing hobby for many people around the world. But what happens when you don’t have that big, luscious lawn space outside your door? 

What do you do when you’re living in an apartment or a big city with little grass to speak of? You turn to indoor gardening, of course! 

Through new advancements in hydroponics and composting, to name a few, maintaining a garden in any space is easier than ever. 

So don’t give up on your dream of filling your apartment with beautiful plants and growing your own food. It is absolutely possible and encouraged to do so.

Growing living things takes dedication and care. Get ready to learn more about plants and soil than you ever thought possible. 

Just like caring for a pet, you need to be sure you’re feeding your plants the appropriate supplements and minerals and exposing them to the appropriate amount of sunshine, especially when they’re growing indoors. 

Don’t let your plants wither and die, instead, do your research and learn how to supercharge their growth. All plants are different, but they can all benefit from extra minerals and nutrients. 

Keep reading for a few tips and tricks on how to help supercharge your indoor garden with minerals.

Start With Specific Soil

Most plants need soil to survive, and when you’re building a garden inside, it’s up to you to bring the soil in. While it can seem tempting and easy to just dig up some soil from a local park, this is not recommended. 

You want to order specialty soil that already comes with those extra minerals and nutrients for your plants. Otherwise, you may be bringing in pests along with your soil. 

Having a good foundation for your plants to grow in will help supercharge your garden right from the start.

Order the Best Material

Certain plants do better in certain environments. So when you’re purchasing your seeds or plants for your garden, be sure they can survive indoors. This shouldn’t drastically limit your options as most plants can be adaptable. 

You can still grow a giant bird of paradise indoors and it will be a beautiful addition to your garden. Don’t be afraid to get creative and browse all your options when shopping for plants online.

In addition to purchasing high-quality plants, rely on high-quality mineral supplements. Organic fertilizer will contain more of the materials your plant needs to survive. For the plants to get the right nutrients, you may also need extra tools like distilled water or a PH tester.

Supplement the Nutrients They Need

Minerals like magnesium and nitrogen help plants grow well. These nutrients are absorbed from the soil. This is why soil alone isn’t enough for your plants, you need fertilizer to supplement these nutrients, and be sure you’re feeding your plant all the minerals it needs to grow and stay strong. 

The best way to supercharge your garden is to ensure you’re providing these nutrients.

Add a Little Sparkle

In a surprising twist, minerals can be an aesthetic addition rather than just a practical one. Certain rocks and gems can add sparkle and sass to your indoor garden. 

For example, renowned New York lawyer Howard Fensterman mines and sells beautiful gems and minerals that can complete any garden display. So, add to the beauty of your flowers with a fun gem or matching rocks.

For Your Fruits and Veggies

One purpose for growing an indoor garden is to create sustainable food that can supercharge you. If you’re looking for hearty, healthy fruits and vegetables to put on your table, you need to feed them first. 

Minerals like Azomite have small traces of metal and can help your harvest be more fruitful. So when it comes to feeding yourself, be sure you’re feeding your fruits and veggies first. It is the circle of life, after all.

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