Cleaning Window

Cleaning Window Without Streaks and Marks

Sparkling and shining windows are a dream of everyone.  Looking through the glass when the weather is awesome sounds pretty refreshing itself. But for a professional or commercial place and building, it becomes a requirement.

While clean windows add to the refreshing environment overall it also ensures the working employees with an active vibe.

Whatever the reason is, Kontor rengøring windows with professional efficiency is a must-have for a corporation, alliance, or organization where daily traffic is reasonable on the peak.

However, not many people know the right way to wash or clean the window especially and the demand is “professional clean”. Below are the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

Do the Dusting

Wiping the marks and stains on the window pane turns out as a blunder if you do not opt for dusting before cleaning. The right way to maintain the cleanliness and new look of windows is its dusting approach.

Make it a habit to clean the glass. Before actually washing the windows, dusting is important and many people tend to forget that.

Choose Right Cleaning Agent

Certainly, each type of mark and window stain demands a dedicated cleaning spray. You cannot and should not wipe the dirt with a lukewarm soapy solution no matter if it’s ink stains paint or whatever. In an effort to clean up the grime and dirt, do not choose the hard and strong cleaning agent as it can damage the window surface.

Plus picking the disinfecting cleaning solution is a better way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in one go. Another thing to bear in mind is the quality of cleaning supplies. If you want great results, pick the best cleaning product.

Clean Spots Simultaneously

You want fast work done. That is alright. But if you are cleaning the window don’t make a mistake in cleaning all the dirty marks and stains at a time. For professional and better office cleaning of windows, you should always deal with one spot simultaneously.

Spraying the whole window and cleaning a single mark also let the solution dry (especially if the temperature is high) and thus more spray is misused than used. In a word, clean one spot of the window then wipe the whole glass.

Dry the Pane Wisely

Cleaning can be less challenging but drying the window is still a quarry. Improper drying of a windowpane can promote streaks and a fainted mark that is simply killing the purpose of sparkling clean windows.

If you want to prevent fogging and dust build-up use a squeegee and not a rag. You can also use a fine-quality microfiber cloth.

Microfiber generates static electricity and hence getting more fine dirt particles becomes practical. However, you can also use a sweeper.

Tips to Wash Window Like a Pro

  • Pick up a commercial cleaning agent from a reputed brand
  • Hire professional cleaning service for best results
  • Clean the window glass from outside as well
  • Choose the pre-mixed vinegar-based solution to make sure best cleaning.

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