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Benefits Of Parking Tiles For Your Home

Have you been planning to revamp or upgrade your parking tiles? As there are several options available in this category, one can often get confused about which way to go. Well, parking tiles are your go-to in such cases! 

When looking for a suitable parking material, tiles are your best and the most durable option. Unlike regular tiles, they are explicitly made for parking floors and can bear heavy-duty movement and harsh weather conditions.

In fact, they even provide safety to pedestrians and vehicles. Their looks are equally great as their strength, as they instantly uplift your parking or garage space. 

Besides providing a firm ground for your vehicles and heavy foot traffic, parking tiles come with their own set of pros. Besides being a solid investment and giving you longevity compared to a natural stone counterpart, they have a lot of benefits. Here are some more…

Subfloor Protection

The cement flooring beneath the tile installation is what protects them from damage. If the concrete floor experiences spill like grease, oil, and paint, they are at a much higher risk of significant damage.

Moreover, restoring them is a pretty cumbersome and expensive process. On the other hand, the parking tiles always give enhanced protection to the subflooring. Whether you walk or park your cars on top of them, they remain the same.

Excellent Durability

When you opt for the best quality parking tiles, you naturally enjoy their long-lasting benefits. The most important one of that is durability.

As it is well known that parking tiles are exposed to foot traffic and weather conditions, they are manufactured in a way so that they can strongly withstand such an onslaught.

Thus, you get excellent traffic, spill, and stain resistance, which save the concrete flooring from seeping and make them last for years.

Safety Features

Sure, durability and longevity are two of the essential features you would look for before investing in parking tiles. But did you know that they also offer excellent safety features?

Some of their most notable aspects are anti-slip and stain-resistant nature. in case of any oil spills, you can simply wipe them with a mop and a suitable floor cleaning solution without risking a fall.

Similarly, staining won’t be a significant issue, as most of the parking tiles are stain-resistant, which keeps them from retaining the liquids’ stains.

Why Use Parking Tiles in Car Parking Areas?

Going for traditional flooring options for the car parking areas could prove dicey. As such convention floorings are made for general usage, they lack durability and sustainability required as parking tiles. On the other hand, parking tiles are cost-effective and more practical for car parking lots.

For instance, compared to asphalt, parking tiles remove the requirement of steep maintenance and charges incurred due to the hassles of painting and resealing.

Moreover, parking tiles have a longer life span than gravel, which sinks beneath the weight of vehicles after a particular time and can cause the cars to hit the pavement or risk getting stuck in the material. Parking tiles are available in both ceramic and vitrified materials, some of the strongest materials out there. 

Some good options to start with your search are the Rhino Pavers or the Forever collection. With their perfect combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, you can be satisfied with your choice without making any compromise.

5 Benefits Of Installing Parking Tiles

Besides being the most popular and accessible material, tiles are available in various designs, colors, and sizes. While we have discussed several benefits of installing parking tiles in your parking lot or garage, here’s a quick recap of 5 advantages of having parking tiles, which will convince you to go for them right away.

  • Easier to install.
  • Low and easy maintenance.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Smooth driving surface.
  • Colours stay intact for long.

Investing in parking tiles is always more feasible than other traditional materials or leaving the concrete floor as is. With the ever-changing weather conditions, heavy traffic, and spills and stains, the parking flooring is bound to undergo undesirable changes.

If you consider the above-mentioned benefits while choosing the flooring tile for your residential or commercial spaces, you will make the best choices irrespective of the type or design selected. Happy tile hunting!

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