Chicken Tractors; Benefits and Useful Tips

If you are somewhat related to the farm, you would probably have heard about chicken tractors. Well, for better outcomes for your farm, you need to learn more about these tractors.

Let’s begin our discussion with what exactly is a chicken tractor? It is like a mobile home that contains everything that chickens require, like food, water, a nesting box, and a roosting perch. It contains tires that make it easy for farmers to alter the place of a tractor. Chicken tractors simply make the life of framers much easier.

The Benefits of Chicken Tractors

If you are a farmer, you would already be aware of the damage chickens can cause to your garden or even fields. You wouldn’t want them to roam around freely even in your house. That is because you would have to put too much effort into cleaning your home.

Locking them in a chicken coop is again not a good idea. Although it is still being used by many farmers, to maintain the cleanliness of the chicken coop, you would have to clean it quite often. If you don’t want to add all this to your to-do list, it is better that you opt for a chicken tractor. 

The chicken tractor can be parked anywhere. Therefore, you can choose the place that seems perfect both for the chickens and the beauty of your yard.

The chicken tractor also keeps your hens safe from predators. Above all, the hens serve to provide free lawn service by nibbling off tips of weed or grass and removing any pests or insects.

Making Chicken Tractor for Your Farm

Now that you have realized how useful a chicken tractor can be, you would probably want to buy one for your farm. Well, I am here to tell you to leave behind the hitch of buying a chicken tractor. Make use of your creativity in making one your own.

Of course, you would be required to buy the material used in making a chicken tractor. Before you actually head towards the market or plan the look of your chicken tractor, go through the tips that we are providing.

Design the Tractor as Per Your Liking

When designing the tractor, you need to follow the hard-fast rule. If the idea and the use of the chicken tractor are clear to you, the design can be of any sort. There are various design tractors available in the market. Well, you don’t need to become a copycat. If you have a unique idea, just put it to life.

Your preference is something that matters the most. So, if you have taken things in your hand, better do it the way that pleases you and not others.

Weight of the Materials

The materials that you use for making a chicken tractor should not be too heavy. The lightweight materials would make it easy for you to move the tractor around. Moreover, the chicken tractor is not like the one you use in fields. So, if you use heavy materials, it is likely to have very little life. It would require continuous maintenance.

Use Sunblind Cloth

Since the chicken tractor is mostly placed outdoors, you need to make sure they use sunblind cloth in its making. If you want to protect your hens from hot summer days, the sunblind cloth is your best shot. The cloth doesn’t need to be fixed in a tractor; you can take it off in the evening.

Use Second Hand Materials

Well, it is not an obligation for you to use second-hand materials. It is just that using these has worked pretty well for quite a lot of farmers. The second-hand materials may not look new, but they are mostly of good quality. You get to purchase them at a relatively lower price.


We have shared almost all the necessary information related to chicken tractors. The enlisted tips can help in building chicken tractors of excellent quality. Farming is no ordinary job. It is just a matter of passion you possess. That very passion would lead you in doing the best for your farm and the animals or birds you keep at your farm.

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