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Types of Carpet You Can Choose For Your Home

To give an additional homey and cozy feel to your home, the option for deciding the right carpet should be available to you. However, you should not forget to know the different types before finally deciding in order to widen your options before you can even shrink them according to your priorities and desires or interests.

Types of carpets are one step in order to decide the perfect fabric to the trade for the carpets.

There are actually two main types of carpet available that involve the looping of yarn style through a backing that creates a particular pile on another side, which is the loop pile and the cut pile. However, it is vital to understand that there are actually carpets that are constructed by cut-and-loop which have some fibers cut while others are looped.

Cut piles are known to be convenient due to the ease of the maintenance of the cleanliness of the carpet. These main types consist of variations and here are some common variations of them.

Types of Loop Pile

1.  Berber

The fibers of a Berber carpet are bent into a series of loops. This allows the carpet for durability that resists stains despite the carpet not having as much cushion as the rest. The upside of this carpet is good for people who prioritize functionality more than comfort or softness. Moreover, this type of carpet is vital to be not exposed to sharp objects as it can lead to easy wearing and tearing. 

This carpet originates in North Africa. The original production of this carpet is light-colored, with handwoven textiles that feature unique woven knots, and loops. Additionally, this carpet is usually mass-produced fabric to the trade with unique characteristics that exude modernness. 

2.  Level Loop

The loops of this carpet are equal that come of the same length. This is a stiffer carpet than others which can be a perfect choice for people or areas who need fabric for the trade of carpets to be durable and tough.

3. Multi-Level Loop

This carpet exudes aesthetics as has a design where its texture varies causing changes over time. Hence, It is what differentiates them from patterned fabric to the trade carpets. But, the changes are so gradual that noticing them may not be easy.

Types of Cut Pile

1.  Saxony

The fibers of this carpet should be even when cut. The appearance is smoother for this carpet because the tightness of the fiber is packed together. The downside of this carpet is that the fabric to the trade of this carpet is prone to tearing quickly with its soft texture.

2.  Textured

The appearance of a textured carpet is casually created by the softness of the carpet that has enough twisted surface which provides resistance to stains. The tightness of the twists allows more durable and easy maintenance (in terms of cleaning) to this type of carpet. Using this carpet well can produce a nice tone and bends faster than a Saxony carpet.

3.  Frieze

For a luxurious feel, frieze is a good type of carpet to choose. The style is rather informal and is also known as a shag pile carpet. The fibers used in this carpet are short which may cause curling in many directions. In addition to a luxurious feel, this type of carpet can hide footprints with its sturdy look. However, keep in mind that too much foot traffic will still result in excess fatigue in the site.

4.  Pattern

Patterned carpets acquire the designs or styles, not from the use of dyes, from the texture and construction of the fabric. Cut and looped yarn spots are mixed to achieve the arrangement of patterns.

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Providing cushion and warm surface to your underfoot is determined by the type of flooring material of fabric to the trade or carpet you have. There are so many things to consider prior to availing of carpets and understanding the types of carpets available in the market ensures that the choice of materials to be used will be planned carefully.

The availability of different carper fabrics to the trade is various which makes it confusing to choose which type of carpet you will be purchasing.  There is numerous fabric online supplier, that allows you to widen your options by listing out fabric to the trade which may kindle your tastes. 

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