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Steel Building Construction: Important Things You Need to Know

One of the most famous building construction types globally is steel building construction. The durability and versatility of the steel make it suitable for commercial and residential structures. If you are a contractor looking forward to delving into steel building construction, the first essential thing is having a clear understanding of the basics.

This article gives some important things worth knowing about steel building construction. Also, you can browse this site to realize more.

Major Steel Building Construction Types

First, it is worth knowing the major types of steel building construction. This is because steel is flexible. They include the following:

  • Rebar Steel

Chances are higher; you have seen rebar steel in many situations. However, it is not designed to work alone. In general, this type of steel is used to create extra tension for reinforced masonry or concrete. It is made from carbon steel that features ridges and is added to better anchor the concrete. Steel’s major role is holding the concrete compressively. In the market, rebar steel is available in different types. For example, they are available in chromium, stainless steel to epoxy-coated bars.

  • Mild Steel

This is the common steel type used in many building constructions because of its durability. 

Mild steel is flexible, ductile, and endures heavy impact and pressure without cracking. Also, there is a variant of low-carbon steel. Even though it is easier to handle this steel, you must be cautious because the metal is weaker when exposed to high temperatures.

  • Structural Steel

The components of this steel are made from a specific cross-section, made to follow key standards for chemical makeups alongside mechanical properties. They become individual components like structural channels, z-shapes, and i-beams. Like the other steel components, these also are durable. Nonetheless, you must be cautious because they are not friendly to high heat and can rust.

Major Steel Building Types

You must note the major steel building types you are likely to see. They are standard frames as a newbie steel contractor will encounter.

Multi-Span Rigid Frames: These use pillars and beams. But, they can offer nearly unlimited strength by implementing columns for interior support. You can place the columns of these structures anywhere, provided it is worth it. But, they are hidden in the walls. The best time to use them is when you require a larger interior space, and columns are not an issue. Multi-span rigid frames are commonly seen in commercial and residential steel structures.

Single-Span Rigid Frames: Beams are used to offering support at each frame. One of the major benefits of this option is that it creates a clear covered space void of interior columns. A single-span building can be up to 120 feet wide.

Arch Buildings: These have a self-supporting structure without interior trusses, columns, or beams. They have sheeting on the exterior, serving as a roof, ceiling, and wall. A lot of people prefer them because they are easy to assemble.

The Steel Building Construction Process

After settling in the steel building type, you need to know the actual steel building construction. The process begins with steel fabrication. This method turns raw materials into the final component moved onto a job site. An architect of the client for the project starts this. They give blueprints of what the final structure is going to appear. A steel fabricator works off the job site to make this a reality. After everyone approves the shop drawings, they proceed to create all the individual components.

After all the pieces are created, they are transported to the job site for the essential components. The steel erectors follow the initial blueprints to ensure the steel structural components are in place and secured. Heavy lifting equipment such as cranes can help accomplish this.

Furthermore, it is worth following the steel building construction to the end. Track your service providers to ensure they do the task effectively. They should have the right tools for the work. Besides, they should be qualified to offer the service. That way, you will guarantee that your steel building will serve you as desired.


From the above, steel buildings are not new to people. They have been there for a while, and many people consider having them. This is because of the benefits they offer. But, you cannot just rush to have them without knowing some things about them. Hopefully, this article has given you an overview of the important things you should know about steel buildings. 

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