Composite Decking

How Composite Decking Can Add Value To Your Home

Composite decking is a recycled building material used for external surfaces. Whilst cladding does not add to a structure’s structural stability, it does help protect your building’s surface from the impact of high weathering, such as heavy winds and rainfall.

It can also increase the insulation of your building, helping to keep in more heat. Aside from these benefits, composite decking and cladding can also be a beautiful addition to your exterior. Keeping all this in mind, adding composite material to your home can make for a good resale value when deciding to sell your property.

While adding composite material does require an investment, it becomes worth it once your home hits the market, as it can help you to sell it for a more significant profit. Here are a few reasons why composite decking can add value to your home

Low Maintenance

Composite decking is very easy to look after, as it does not require as much maintenance as you would expect from other forms of decking. Unlike timber, it does not need painting or spraying to protect it. It also does not stain very easily. 

As composite material is partially made from plastic, wood-dwelling insects are not attracted to it, so you do not need to invest in harmful chemical pesticides or extensive wood treatments. Composite decks do not rot, meaning it has a longer life than when compared to timber. The boards from composite decks are also resistant to UV rays, resulting in limited discoloration.

Overall, they are known to last about 20 years without needing maintenance beyond basic cleaning. This is a good selling point and will increase your home’s value.

Environmentally Friendly

Materials used for composite decking and cladding are all environmentally friendly. This is because they are made from only recycled materials such as plastic and wood fibers. Even discarded shopping bags and plastic bottles can be used to create composite materials.

Using composite materials can help to lower your carbon footprint, because as well as being made from recycled plastic and timber fiber, they are extremely long-lasting, meaning they will not have to be replaced as often.

Unused plastics can potentially damage the atmosphere if discarded or dumped in landfills. Reusing this material for composite boards is a more sustainable alternative, making it safer for the environment.


The materials used in composite decking are wood fiber and plastic. The combination of these materials is known to be highly durable, ensuring that your decking and cladding remain sturdy. With the strength of recycled plastic, your composite will be able to handle the most extreme weather, whilst the wood will provide your boards with more flexibility and strength.

Certain composite options available on the market come with a 20-year warranty, which allows you to be confident that the material is long-lasting and low maintenance.

This is another good selling point for your outdoor composite decking and cladding, with the added benefit of increasing the value of your home if it is used.


Composite decking and cladding have a unique attractiveness designed to look and feel more like traditional wood. There are composite options available that come in an extensive range of wood shades to match your theme.

When installing traditional wooden decks, depending on the type of wood, there can be a variety of different costs with painting and preserving, and these costs will slowly start to add up. With composite decking, you can get a wide range of shades for nearly the same amount of money, but with far less hassle and maintenance. 

Composite decks do not rot and come with a clean, sophisticated look. It also possesses the traditional texture of wooden boards. Composite decking designs can mimic natural timber and give you the same aesthetic, without the added worry or regular repainting or staining. 

Due to composite decking’s low maintenance, there is no need to worry about painting, wood treatment, spraying, or staining of any kind. If looked after correctly, they can easily go on for about 20 years. They also have high durability due to recycled plastic being one of the components used in its manufacture.

The use of recycled material proves that composite decking and cladding are good for the environment. It also minimizes the spread of carbon dioxide emissions substantially. In addition, composite material is attractive and can have the same aesthetics you find in any timber.

We hope this article proves insightful and allows you to maximize the value of your home through composite decking and cladding. Thank you for reading!

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