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Herman Miller Embody Review and Pricing 2022

Choosing the best chair for your office can be a real hassle. It may not matter to you now, but hours-long sitting would make you realize the importance of a comfortable chair.

To make things easier for you, we bring the best product in the market. Herman Miller Embody is the chair that you need for your office. Well, there are plenty of good reasons as to why. We would not restrict Embody as just an office chair. It can be used for whatever purpose that may suit you.

Assuming that you are not familiar with the features, qualities, and price of Herman Miller Embody, we are going to give you a detailed review. That way, you can be sure about your choice.

Quality of Herman Miller Embody

Whatever product you are planning to buy, quality remains the first concern. The design of Embody is attractive and looks pretty comfortable. This chair was developed with the motive of creating a highly ergonomic chair.

You would not want your back to start hurting if you sit for hours long. That is what Embody makes sure it turns out the negative effect of sitting to positive.

Herman Miller Embody is made of the best components of the USA. It contains a lot of steel, custom-molded plastic, and aluminum. That makes it substantial. Moreover, it offers smooth support throughout the back and seat.

When talking about the looks of Herman Miller Embody, it is pretty specific. That makes it suitable for any kind of environment be it an office, study room, or gaming studio.

Features and Specifications

  • Herman Miller Embody comes with seat depth adjustment
  • It has arm height and width adjustment.
  • The weight capacity for this chair is 300 lbs.
  • It has a Pixelated support system.
  • You can adjust it to tilt locks with 3 positions.
  • BackFit™ back angle adjustment.
  • The weight of the chair is 51 lbs.
  • It has a Pneumatic seat height adjustment.

Warranty of Herman Miller Embody

Most people like and prefer the products that come with a warranty. That is because it shows the confidence of the company in the product that they are sharing. If that’s what you believe too, you will be glad to learn that Embody comes with a 12 years warranty. However, the warranty is valid only if the people using it weighs 300 lbs or less.

If the chair requires any repair, Herman Miller would send their skilled and professional technicians who would offer their services free of cost.

Comfort of Seat

The design that Herman Miller Embody comes with makes it a unique chair. The seat of the chair is made of four different layers. Each layer is made of a different material.

Not just this, but the pixelated support system adds more to the overall quality of the chair. Each individual pixel is finely distributed to the area of the seat.

The seat covers a large area and has no hard frame edges. All these characteristics make Embody a supportive and flexible chair.

Comfort of Backrest

The comfort of the backrest matters equally as the seat. You would have noticed that most chairs have wide backs so that your back can rest smoothly. But the backrest of Herman Miller Embody is slimmer.

It is designed so, to align you with your spine and support the spinal curve. Another reason for this is that the slimmer backrest allows you to stretch and move freely and easily.

Moreover, the backrest of Herman Miller Embody has a top that can bend. Such a design ensures free and flexible movement when you are in an upright position.

In addition to this, the backrest contains a pixel system. This way, the chair remains supportive even when you are moving. The height of Embody’s back is also pretty high which makes it provide excellent support to your upper back.

Wheel Options of Herman Miller Embody

The Embody chair comes with three different caster options. The first one works for hard surfaces and carpets. The diameter of these casters is 2.5” dual wheel. You would be charged extra charges for these.

The second is standard casters, having a diameter of about 2.5”. These are designed for low or medium-pile carpets. The third ones are a lot similar to the standard casters. These work well for hard surfaces.

Pros and Cons of Herman Miller Embody


  • Embody has a flexible seat and its back allows easy movement.
  • It is rated well for 24/7 use.
  • Pixelated Support conforms to your body type
  • It is made in the USA with High-end build quality.
  • Embody fits a wide range of people.


  • Embody has limited upholstery options.
  • The price of this product is a bit high when compared to others.
  • It has no arm pad adjustment.

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Wrapping Up

We have had a detailed discussion about Herman Miller Embody. You would have noticed that it is quite a featured product. Overall, it has good reviews.

It is made to fit a wide range of people. These types of chairs suit well when you purchase them at a large scale for your office or lab space.

All the features and characteristics of Herman Miller Embody make it a pricey choice. The price is justified considering its specifications.

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