Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought Iron Railings

If you have been searching for the best railing material for your balcony or for stairs then wrought iron railings are the one you should go for. The quality that these railings come with is beyond your expectations. Choosing to buy these for your home is probably the best decision. That is because of its quality and looks.

Just as much you wish to have a nice view from your balcony, you would also want your balcony to look aesthetic. That is where wrought iron railings come to increase the overall look of your balcony. Similarly, the elegance and safety are kept in consideration so, that you never regret spending money on these.

What is Wrought Iron Railing?

Before we get into further details, let make you familiar with the wrought iron railing itself. When talking about wrought iron, it is an iron alloy that is pliable and strong. The carbon particles in wrought iron are about 0.8% of the total percentage that makes the shaping pretty easier.

Considering the quality and features wrought iron has, the absolute material of this kind is very rare. This type of iron is crafted with hands that makes it even more precious. When talking about the properties of wrought iron it has the natural tendency to resist corrosion. Moreover, it is malleable and most importantly, wrought iron has the toughness that is second to none.

The fact that wrought iron could be welded easily makes it a perfect material for professional menders. There are plenty of other metals in the market, but wrought iron never seems to lose its liking because of its incomparable properties.

Features of Wrought Iron Railing

Wrought iron railing is the most in-demand metal because it possesses a lot of qualities and features.


Wrought iron railing is known to provide greater safety along stairs, protecting ponds and pools, and inlining balconies. The anti-corrosive property of the wrought iron railing eliminates any fear of damage or people getting hurt.

Attractive Design

A Wrought iron railing could be designed into any design that suits the choice of the customer. The extensive and attractive designs make people choose the one as per their requirement. It can fit well in interior designs and even in landscape design.

Easy Maintenance and Durability

Wrought iron railing is durable and easy to maintain. Its properties make it strong that makes the beauty or design last forever. That is because of its inherent qualities. However, the anti-corrosive nature of wrought iron makes you paint the railings quite often.

Shine Through View

The clean lines or curves of the wrought iron railing make the view shine through. It not only enhances the view but makes your balcony look attractive from outward. That is why the balcony with a wrought iron railing is the best place for you to click pictures.

Types of Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron is been the metal of the best kind for years. And with the invention of the blast furnace, the mass manufacturing of wrought iron railings was made possible. Ever since then, it is being used by well-known companies and builders for better results both in terms of quality and looks.

Let’s make you familiar with the types of wrought iron railing. So that if you ever go out for the hunt of wrought iron railing you can have enough knowledge in advance.

  1. Pot-Bellied Picket Railings are known for their double powder coating.
  2. Ring Band Railings is known for its solid bars.
  3. Picket Railings come in a plain and twisted design.
  4. Goose Italian railings are known for their wide hammered bars.
  5. Cubist Style railings are known for their cubist design bars.

Pros and Cons of Wrought Iron Railings

The pros and cons are universal to every product or thing. No matter how best the thing seems, it would have its pros and cons. Keeping that in mind we have listed the pros and cons of wrought iron railing.


  • Customizable: These railings can be customized in many ways.
  • Durable: wrought iron railing lasts longer because of its durable nature.
  • Easy maintenance: you would not be required to spend money often on maintenance.


  • Weathering: The outdoor wrought iron railing can be affected by weather conditions.
  • Cost: The reason that wrought iron is a rare kind of metal makes it much more expensive.


We have had a detailed discussion about the wrought iron railing. The given information would have made you realize the worth of this product. Therefore, if you are planning to buy the railing for your new build home, go for wrought iron railings.

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