how to hang a Hammock Indoors

How to Hang a Hammock Indoors; Ultimate Guide

Hammocks are usually hung in open spaces for relaxation. Whether you are going on a trip in the jungle or wish to visit the beach, hammocks remain your partner because they offer a good experience. But it is not always like that. A hammock can be hung indoors to enjoy the beautiful weather like rain, snow, and even sunshine.

If you wish to change the ordinary look of your home, hammocks can be one of your choices. You might like to place it in the living room or a bedroom. It would definitely enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Choosing The Right Hammock

When it comes to choosing the best hammock out of the hundreds of available ones, it becomes really tricky. If you wish to use it for your comfort, it is important to know when you are going to use it and how. A hammock for an occasional nap does not need to be too fancy. The simple one would do.

If you wish to use it for the proper night’s sleep, it is best practice to go for the extra comfortable model that contains springs. And when talking about the material, the hammock comes in cotton, polyester, quilted fabric, and rope. Since the hammock is going to be indoor, its material does not count a lot.

Indoor Hammocks are available in numerous designs. You can have room to choose the one as per your liking. You would definitely like to ensure the security and durability of the hammock rope.

Well, in that case, you should use cotton hammocks. These kinds of hammocks are popular because they are strong, soft, and can be cleaned pretty easily. Finally, choose the size of the Hammock according to the space available in your home.

Steps to Hang a Hammock Indoors

The most important thing when talking about hammocks is that these should be hung properly. If you don’t do so, it might result in some accident. Therefore, you should either call the carpenter or learn the right strategy to hang it. If you have any prior experience with home projects and working with a power drill, you can do it yourself.

With the step-by-step guide that we care about you provide, you will be able to hang a hammock-like a pro. That would save you from spending money on hiring a carpenter. Plus, some people prefer doing their work on their own. Let’s get started.

1.  Materials Collections

Hanging a hammock indoor would require materials that come in handy during the process. Some hammock companies include these materials in the package. The materials required for hammock installation include screw eyes, power drill with bits, pencil to mark for drill points, Stud finder, Measuring tape, and Carabiners, short chains, or s-hooks.

It is the best practice to use high-quality hardware. If you don’t do so, you might encounter an accident.

2.  Find Appropriate Place to Hang a Hammock

The size of the Hammock is usually big and occupies a large space. Therefore, you would be required to find the appropriate place. One which has enough space and we’re hanging a hammock won’t look odd. When choosing the place add a minimum of two feet to the length of the hammock. The extra space is for wall mounting.

You will be required to find a wall stud for each end of the hammock. That is to make sure that the hammock is securely mounted once it is hung. Most importantly, make sure you install the hammock four feet above the floor. That is the ideal height that ensures a better experience.

3.  Installing the Hardware

Even if you don’t have any prior experience dealing with stuff like that, you can do that with the provided information. You will be required to follow the following steps to install the hammock indoor safely and securely.

  • You will be required to use the stud finder to locate the studs at the height of at least four feet on each wall.
  • After that, use the pencil to mark the center of the stud.
  • Use the power drill to drill a pilot hole, the recommended purpose inch in this regard is a ⅜-inch bit.
  • Finally, you will be required to fasten the ends of the hammocks to the screw eyes hardware. You can accomplish this task with A-grade carabiners or short chains.

4.  Test the Hammock

You will be glad to see that your hammock is in place, just the way you wanted. But before being happy about this fact, you would be required to ensure whether it is installed safely or not. You can use a few books or bottles to load up the hammock. After loading it up, give it a little swing and see if everything is fine.

After surpassing the test, you can use the hammock as per your requirement.

Wrapping Up

Although the installation of a hammock takes an hour or two the results are long-lasting. The guide that we provided for hanging a hammock indoors would prove really useful. You can use an extra hand when doing all this to reduce the time that this process takes.

The effort of a few hours can result in a larger life span of your hammock. Another option that you can avail of in this regard is purchasing a hammock stand. Of course, for that, you will have to spend a little more money.

People usually don’t prefer stands because they cannot bear a weight of more than a few pounds. So, it’s always the best practice to install it on the walls.

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